Friday, April 30, 2021

Hobby - Tyranid Broodlord

 Following on from the Malanthrope, I got inspired to paint up some outstanding Tyranid models to finish off my army.

The first of these is a Broodlord (Space Hulk version) which will be followed by two 3rd Edition metal lictors.

I quite enjoyed painting this model up. It is something that I have wanted to finish for some time. The Broodlord provides another HQ option for the army which is useful given I have 50+ genestealers.

I have managed to secure a 75mm x 42mm oval base on which to mount it.

It is really fulfilling to complete tasks like this as the variety is interesting (this month I've painted bases, Legio Titanicus engines, citifight terrain, tyranids). 


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