Thursday, April 8, 2021

Mournival Hobby Challenge - Steve Joll (March)

  1. Paint a new 40k army

I have built and undercoated a tyrannofex, built and started painting a Carnifex, finished painting and basing my zoanthropes. Really enjoying the Nids scheme and process.

2. Create a table of terrain to support a game
3. Build and paint an Adeptus Titanicus engine
4. Run a simple narrative campaign for the group
5. Add two new units to an existing 40k army

I've also continued work on my second Redemptor for the wolves and built/bashed a unit of skyclaws.

6. Paint a 40k hero from an army you don’t own

7. Play a game a month and post a photo of it

And I played 2 games against Aaron and 1 in the Wellington GW store against Brady Washington. I continue to be bad at getting pix of the games. 

8. Build/Paint a Warcry warband

9. Organise a multiplayer game

10. Attend two The Long War events at the Warlords

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