Friday, April 30, 2021

40K - Salty John from TFG Radio On Fire Re Dark Eldar

 Competitively, at events, Dark Eldar had a wonderful record last weekend. They won 4-5 GT sized events and had a 75% win record.

Only one word for this performance - IMPRESSIVE!!

Salty John from TFG Radio Podcast has been having a wonderful time with his memes in light of this. 

Here are some of his best:

Couldn't Happen to a Better Bunch of Corporate Lackeys

Think I'll call this one "The Sam Whitt Memorial Meme"

As Seen at Total War


Staggeringly though, despite using Drukhari, Haydn Korach was 0-2 at the end on day one at Total War. "Surely, Haydn can't be that shit a player?" I mused to myself. Then I checked and saw that his two losses were to other Dark Eldar.

It's going to be interesting over the next couple of events just how much self-respect matters to people ­čśë

The Long War this weekend has no DE present.......Wellington: The Self Respect Capital of the World

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