Wednesday, April 21, 2021

40k - Fields of Blood NZ Grand Tournament Missions

 July is rapidly creeping up on us and so my thoughts have turned to the Mission Pack for FOB NZGT. This is a hobby-focused event rather than the normal Batte Points only event that is more common these days.

To support the "friendly" nature of the event I had been looking at using Core Rulebook Eternal War missions rather than the ubiquitous Chapter Approved 2020: Grand Tournament missions. The latter have some problems with them in that not all armies have their own special Secondary Objectives and with those that have not all are necessarily equal.

Recently the Mission Pack for the local ValleyCon event was released and it is largely based off the beta Maelstrom of War rules included in White Dwarf 461. I've looked at these and read a number of articles on them and think that they are a good fit for what I am trying to achieve at Fields.

You can find a really informative walkthrough on Goonhammer. This includes a couple of short battle reports showing you how they work in practice.

If you would like to read them then you should get a copy of White Dwarf 461 or have a look at the ValleyCon Players Pack  which is using a version.

I'll release the final version nearer the time which will incorporate any changes GW make in the beta.

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