Monday, May 30, 2011

28 May 2011 - A Great Day

As well as wargaming, the contributors to “Fields of Blood” have another hobby – a shared hatred of all things Manchester United. In Charlie’s case it is because he’s a Chelsea fan while for Jack it’s in his DNA.

We’d just like to extend our heartfelt thanks to FC Barcelona for completely outclassing scum in the Champions League Finalon Sunday morning (NZ time). The game was so one-sided that it turned into a procession.

I can honestly say I wished it could have gone on forever such was the ineptitude of the English team. Each minute exposed more and more chinks in their no-existent gameplan.

Thanks Messi, Mascherano, Puyot, Piquet and co. One of the great days in Sports.

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  1. I quite liked seeing Scholes' face looking like someone had taken a shit right in his oatmeal, while his team just flopping around him giving up watching Barca run around them in circles.

    I think the only time I heard Javier 'Chickwithadickorito' Hernandez's name get called out was when they were announcing the lineout. Seriously, was he even on the pitch? Or did the game coincide with siesta time?