Sunday, May 8, 2011

Okay, Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?

Neferra's Scrolls of Mighty Incantations Arcane Item (50 points)

One use only. A Wizard can declare that he is using Nefarra's Scrolls of Mighty Incantations immediately before casting a spell. If he does so, the Wizard must add a number of extra bonus dice, equal to his Wizard level, to the power dice he is going to roll (you still need to roll at least one dice from the power pool). The bonus dice do not count as power dice. However, a roll of any double when casting a spell using them will cause irresistible force (and a miscast).

Really, GW? We needed a Power Scroll on steroids? Really. It might be fun down at the local GW but I can quickly see most TOs putting it on the blacklist pretty quickly - given the Power Scroll history.

The ability for the Liche High Priest to combine this with the Lores of Light or Death create all sorts of lovely scenarios.


  1. Played against new TK today, did not enjoy the latest casket incarnation either, especially when the TK player can stack the phase in their favor then ram in a 6 dice casketizing. At least the scroll is so obvious TO's won't need to agonize...

  2. Taking that item on your Heirophant stops him from taking an earthing rod, the one item I probably wouldn't want to leave home without playing TK.

    But I agree, it's an excessive item, as you imply there's no reason it couldn't be used on your secondary wizard for an unstoppable timewarp on your tomb guard, or purple sun etc etc.

  3. Doesn't the Heirophant HAVE to take the Lore of Nehekara? Does the Liche High Priest 'outrank' a Hero-level caster and HAVE to be the Hierophant? Who wants to risk their Heirophant with a definite miscast (does his death still cause crumbling?)?

    If the Liche High Priest gets an Earthing Rod and ward, and you put the uber-Power Scroll on a hero-level caster... does that mean you don't feel you need to take a Dispel Scroll? Or do you take a third caster to pack one in somewhere?

    Assuming you want a King and Prince (who may be a BSB) for their "My Will" awesomeness to boot, and assuming they don't count as wizards and so caanot take Arcane Items... where exactly are all the points coming from?... What kind of an army (at say... 2400pts) is left after the four Heroes and two Lords have eaten up their fair share?

    If you take the uber-Scroll on a L1 or L2 caster what are the chances of actually rolling up the spell that you want to power through?

    The uber-Scroll takes up a Heroes full point allowance for equipment - seems like a poor choice for a L1 caster who can't guarantee the spell they want (unlike a Vampire with Forbidden Lore).

  4. Not a fan of this item,but will want to see more feedback from others before i ban it in any of my events

  5. Ah, I see. Just playing catch-up:

    - Liche High Priest
    - 2 x L2 with Light (one with uber-Scroll)

    Roll up the non-Scroll L2 first so you have the 'swap out duplicates' option. I've seen a nasty combo already tying this to a Necrolith Colossus with extra hand weapon and Bironas Timewarp (Unstoppable Assault this - ASF, WS10, In10, 6 Attacks! Thwack!).


  6. I think that people need to acrtually build an entire list that works before getting woried over a section of the build.
    So you may have the best combo, but not have any points left to actually build an army around it.

  7. Learned your lesson on the Orc & Goblin book Nasher?