Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The weakest waaagh in the west?


So I've been retardedly busy recently, to the point where hobby has had to take a bit of a mandatory backseat vacation, but with an upcoming tournament, I had to get something done!

This weekend sees Nicon 2011, which I really don't have time to attend. In saying that, it also sees the first proper non-comp tournament in a very, VERY long time. Moving away from comp is something I truly believe is a step in the right direction with how the books are looking, and nothing shows support more than voting with my feet.

Busy busy busy! Not to be confused with busty busty busty!

It seems a lot of other people are in the same boat, the last update I heard had Nicon looking at 49-50 people, which would make it the largest (equal) tournament this year, and with FOB not happening due to 300 men having a bit of a ruckus in some paddocks this September, its unlikely events will reach higher than that.
Nicon is typically very small and unimportant, so its nice to see such an instant show of support for the TO Haydn Korach's decision.

Certainly I think it's going to be a rude wake up call for a few people, particularly the "I only lost because I've got a softer army to get better comp" camp and equally so the "everyone is easy and I'm unfairly punished by comp" camp... but that's something we can muse over next week! Toys will fly out of cots!

Personally I didn't really have time to reinvent the wheel (a basket I suspect many people will be in), and just switched out my regular warboss from my 1750 point list for Ghazghkull in an 1850 point list.

Silly ginger, don't reinvent the wheel!

This doesn't really work for a number of reasons, firstly very few armies smoothly transition from 1750-->1850 points by simply adding 100 points of stuff in, it is usually noticeably more efficient and powerful to rebuild it from the ground up, and certainly I think I would get more mileage by bringing 9 killer kans instead of 6, but also Ghaz is generally much more suited to a list that has been built around him.

That being said, I had quite a bit of fun painting the figure, even if it was predominantly yellow, and I chose to use a method that involved no less than 9 layers in order to build it up from black.

Painful amounts of yellow are painful, but you can at least click for increased size if you must.

Baby got back.

With any luck I can get him stuck in this weekend, though I am fairly dubious about my chances by not ramping things up, and hoping to wing it having never played a game of 40k with a special character before, let alone with Ghazzykins!

I'll let you know how it goes, and as usual will be tweeting results from the event, if you're interested you can follow my account, @proximityNZ

- Charlie

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  1. Shucks, I wish the NiCON WFB tourney was comp free. Did you know we have to give up 50 VP to our opponent if we take a Lord that is a fighter as well as a caster? Bit ridiculous IMO.

    I totally agree that comp-free is the way of the future for fantasy as well. Looking forward to the first tourneys that try this (and if not we'll have to run one ourselves!).

    Anyway, good luck to attendees!