Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Never Discount Grizzly Mum!

From the Maelstrom website:

Games Workshop's new Terms and Conditions

Firstly, Games Workshop's new Terms and Conditions, which come into force on the 31st of May 2011. These, among other things, restrict the sale of language products - i.e., rulebooks and codices that are not in English - and, most crucially of all, restrict the sale of all of their products to the European Union, although there are a couple of countries (such as Norway and Switzerland) that are geographically within Europe but not in the EU that we can still sell to.

Obviously this means that all of our faithful Games Workshop customers from the Anglosphere - Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States - as well as those from Brazil, Chile, Peru, Russia, Japan and South Korea (apologies for those countries I have missed out) will now miss out on our superb service and cheap prices, but I'm afraid the terms and conditions of our contract with Games Workshop mean that we have to say goodbye.

Goodbye 18% UK RRP Voucher

But it's a cracking goodbye! From today until midnight (GMT) on the 30th of May all our customers will be able to use a 18% off UK RRP discount voucher code on Games Workshop products only, so you stock up on all of those items you'll need for your Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000 or Lord of the Rings armies - and of course all your paints and brushes!

The voucher will work on pre-orders and, crucially, you'll still earn Moneyback - although tiered discounts are disabled when using a voucher of course.

Your voucher code is: GW-ROW

To use this voucher simply register on the webstore, www.maelstromgames.co.uk (if you haven't already), copy and paste the code into the appropriate field in your basket when you have selected the items you want, press 'REDEEM', and the webstore will do the rest. You are not limited to one purchase and, indeed, we would ask you to recommend us to your friends with this voucher!

Remember though that this voucher will only work on Games Workshop products - specifically, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Warhammer 40,000, Lord of the Rings, Citadel Hobby and Black Library products.

Grizzly Mum protects her young.


The interesting one for me is the cheerleading over the past five years of the Australian wargaming community of their LGS who provide discounts of up to 20%.

If I'm an Australian LGS I'm now wondering why I need to provide a discount given the dragon has been slain. I'd be having a quiet coffee with my peers and dialing the discount back to 5%.

These guys weren't doing it because of love of customer (not if they were serious rather than pretend businessmen), they were doing it to make sure they got the crumbs. Now all the food is back on the table.

Here in NZ, Vagabonds in Auckland apparently have just instituted a 15% discount for City Guard members in Auckland. Great timing guys! I'd be very surprised if that lasts longer than than an icicle in Hades - "Guys, we can't really afford it....let's try 5%". That's if they are proper rather than play retailers.

There's an old adage in finance "The Weak Must Be Punished!".

I'm mean, seriously, what's a local gamer's next best alternative? Full RRP at GW?


  1. Thanks Grizzly Mum! I wonder if it's safe to assume the same trading terms will apply to Wayland Games? was thinking of getting a few of those old metals before the resin re-castings come out along with their price hike.

  2. Well, that's really gonna put the boot into young players trying to get into the hobby.

    And people thought the rage quitting was bad when 8th edition came out...
    The people who make Warmachine, Malifaux and Dystopian Wars must be laughig their asses off.

  3. Let's not forget that there's also been more across the board price rises to!

    Sorry GW, you're not helping yourself

    At least GW Wellington might start sending people to the warlords now

  4. Well done GW, how to make your customers angry and disenchanted in one easy action. We're used to GW treating us with contempt, but this is a new low, even for them.

    I'm wondering if I should get that bulk order of High Elves before the change takes effect, or simply stop buying any and all GW products from now on (unless they amend NZ prices to UK ones, which I don't see happening). It would be nice to have the army, and to give Maelstrom a last minute spike in sales, followed by a swift drop and no corresponding rise in NZ shop sales. But the thought of giving GW any money at all.......; it kind of sticks in the throat at the moment.

  5. I dunno about "the weak must be punished" may have worked in finance, but if you are selling to actual customers, smart people, like Rob (Maelstrom) knows that customers are your life blood. He seems to know what they want. Good service and cheap product. His sales figures are proof of that.

    That said, after a quiet coffee and a little think, I would be dialling back the discount too.

    GW has certainly extended the finger to thier customers and adding a second finger in terms of a price rise on top of that... Well, I will not even buy paints from them now.

    Time to hit the google for other sources of interesting stuff.

  6. anyone know if they cannot ship GW to here or just sell to here?

    Would suck for people with family over there who can;t send a present direct.

    but also, most of us have friends in teh UK, who probably don;t care if we register an account from their address and just ship to here, with a UK billing address.