Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Reaver Jetbikes

In lighter news, I've just finished off a group of 3 Reaver Jetbikes (including a heat lance) for my slowly growing Dark Eldar army.


I'm sorry for the terrible photos (that's what happens when you use a cheap camera and have bad lighting) but hopefully they're enough to give you an idea of how the bikes came up.


Next up is some Hellions.


  1. Nice stuff. I'll need to check for mould lines in more detail :-)

    The carapace colour has come up really nice.

  2. The photos look fine to me, and this is a great scheme (not just on the jetbikes, but the rest of your DE as well). The "bone" color is pretty amazing, any chance you'll give us a tutorial, or at least a run-down on the paints you used?
    I look forward to seeing more!

  3. Thanks.

    The bone is really easy, it just takes a bit of time:
    - Dheneb Stone basecoat (3 or 4 really thin coats to build op the colour)
    - shade with Khemri Brown
    - water down some black until it's very thin (much, much thinner than a wash) and paint that into all the recesses
    - touch up with Dheneb Stone
    - highlight Dheneb Stone/Bleached Bone
    - highlight Bleached Bone
    - highlight Bleached Bone/White