Friday, May 6, 2011

Incoming!!!! Tomb Kings

So Tomb Kings tomorrow!

I said a couple of months ago that the Orc & Goblin book was important, being the first released post 8th Edition. Games Workshop did a great job in making a very competitive book with lots of choice and few “rubbish” choices. It’s really too early to say how it’s changed the meta-game but the run-out I saw at Runefang last month suggest it is at least as competitive as the previous iteration.

What does that mean for TKs? Well under 8th they were largely the poorest of very poor cousins. Their magic was set up for the new edition except if you used the Wizarding Hat on a second Tomb King. The core choices were largely overpriced with the downgrading of Fear and units such as Carrion, Heavy Horsemen were clearly too expensive.

Given this background the release of a new TK book was odds-on to improve the overall meta – just by being better than the current edition.

However there are things that suggest it could be a very competitive army:

• Skellies are only 5 points. Massed archer units might be very worthwhile given the always hit on 5+ is preserved.

• The potential to transfer a King or Prince’s WS a la the VC ‘WS Hat’ means these same Skeletons will have potential to hang around in combat – especially if replenished via magic phase.

• The Chariot units got much better. Unit of two ranks of Chariots doing 3D6 +1 Str Impact Hits will do damage to even the biggest units – especially if the Skellies have softened them up with archery first.

• Nice cheap redirectors – Skeleton horse are 60 points for 5 and never run away

• Big monsters – the ability to add impact hits, breath weapon and Thunderstomp as a secondary unit in combat should not be underestimated.

• Necrosphinx…..he’s going to keep other monsters in the game honest. He has nice cheap breath weapon as well.

So lot’s of things to be optimistic about. I’ll know more after a fuller read tomorrow.


  1. Had a read last night and my copy arrivied at my folks place today;wont be able to get it till sunday.

    Honestly after my first glance at the book i think GW have got this one right too.Much like the OG book it looks very balanced and above all ,fun to play with.

    I have a game VS our local TK player on Sunday and am really looking forward to it.

  2. My book hasn't arrived yet (grumble grumble).

    The most important thing about the new TK is that the figures look good. I can't imagine GW will struggle to sell them.