Monday, May 16, 2011

Putting Together the New Tomb King kits

Over the weekend I put together the new Tomb Kings’ kits that arrived from the UK last week. I purchased two boxes of the Warsphinx/Necrosphinx and two books of the Necropolis Knights/Sephuracal Stalkers.

I was very impressed by the warsphinx and necrosphinx kit. Very easy to put together and by making one of each you get two howdahs giving you the ability to make one for a King and the other for a crew. Certainly felt the kit was good value for money – at UK prices.

The second box set I was less impressed with. While the models themselves are okay, I think the box set is very expensive for what you get and compared to the warsphinx box (which is NZD 10/GBP 2.50 cheaper). I’m not sure how GW reached the pricing here but in comparison to boxes like Chaos Knights, for example, the kit looks hideously overpriced. In terms of construction the kit was a little more fiddly than the first kit but easy enough to fit together.

And yes Jack I will remove the mould lines!

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