Monday, May 30, 2011

"Fields of Blood" - The New Zealand Grand Tournament


Unfortunately there will not be a “Fields of Blood” this year. I am putting it into recess for 2011 because of the difficulty getting a venue in September/October, but more importantly the scarcity of cheap flights and accommodation for participants.

With the Rugby World Cup on here in New Zealand in September/October, the airlines and various accommodation options have taken the opportunity to jack the prices to capture maximum “value”. I can’t say I blame them as it makes good economic sense to screw every last cent you can out of those that are prepared to pay whatever the price.

Because I run “Fields of Blood” as an individual venture, I am exposed to significant financial risk (hall alone is now $2400 for the weekend) and so I can’t rely on just locals attending to break even.

However it is not all doom and gloom!! Fields of Blood will be back early July 2012, hopefully bigger and better. Mark it in your diaries now. I’ll confirm dates once I’ve secured the venue.


  1. Whilst moving it comes with other considerations, there must be a large number of venues that can host this number of people, some of them significantly cheaper than others. 2400 just sounds excessive, price gouging for the sake of gouging.
    Is looking into shifting it a possibility to reduce the risk on yourself?

    I look forward to next July, especially as I'm going to be so retardedly busy over this September that I wouldn't have been able to attend anyway :)!

  2. I want to find out where the Warlords are storing their tables post CTA. Ill then look at venues near there

  3. This makes me so very very very sad. We had just started organising the Vic invasion team.... about 12 strong so far. You better believe we will be there next year guys. Just try and make it on a different weekend to Kill Count.

    Good Luck.

    Leigh Tresidder

  4. Leigh,

    Great to hear.

    I confirmed date yesterday - 7/8 July 2012. 1005 definite.

    Hope that works.