Thursday, May 5, 2011

Saturday's Activities

On Saturday I’ve got two games lined up. First thing in the morning (after I pick up my new Tomb King book and cards from the local GW), I’ve got a game with my Death Guard against 1750 points of Tyranids. Then in the afternoon, I have a 3000 point game of Warhammer where my Skaven will be taking on a local Dwarf rabble.

I haven’t played 3000 points before but I sat down and worked out a list this lunchtime and goodness gracious you get a lot of toys in a 3000 point list. The game is an opportunity to try out a few things and I think it should be great fun as units – and the army as a whole – should be a lot more resilient. I am expecting every god awful gizmo and warmachine, every stunty runed up to the eyeballs while my list will be the model of restraint and balance.

Oh, and....... There Will Be Blood!


  1. Sorry I thought you were giving me a start :-)

  2. Can't wait to hear how that 3,000 points smack down goes!
    "Model of restraint and balance"? CLASSIC

  3. While I will be taking quite a few runes, including some of the usual suspects, I have successfully resisted the temptation of 'double Grudgethrower/double Organ Gun'. I can't see that game being much fun for either of us.

    I can't wait to see your "model of restraint and balance......" Still, I'm sure that your three Abominations will be beautifully painted even as they devour my army.

    See you on Saturday.