Friday, May 6, 2011

More on "Tactics" and the Spirit of the Game

Well yesterday’s post about “tactics’ and spirit of the game stirred up some debate. Charlie gave a very reasoned counter view which you can read by checking out the comments attached to yesterday’s post.

It’s important to point out that the “tactics” I alluded to are all perfectly legal under the rules and therefore also perfectly valid to be employed in a game. My point was that they create a situation which to me looks ludicrous – though I’d love to see a Bloodthirster holding a mirror rather than an axe or Wolf Riders fitted with rearvision mirrors and backing lights – and it is not something I would do.

As Charlie pointed out once you start applying a moral compass to rules it can be a very slippery slope but I’d like to think that there is a reasonability test you can personally apply in your games to reach a point that you are happy with. For me troops advancing backwards cross this line however people will note I am quite comfortable using naked engineers as redirectors. I’m sure that people could construe this as equally ludicrous – Skaven not being renowned for their displays of valour in the face of overwhelming odds. So it is an ice rink covered in banana skins and ball bearings.

Following on from this discussion I do think it is important to make clear I’d never not play somebody who employed legal tactics such as those previously described. However I would see it as golden opportunity to rag them throughout the game.

“Really, Joe? A Khorne Chariot reversing across the battlefield? Really? It’s come to this?”


  1. I think its important to add too that ragging someone in good nature is not only totally fair enough, but as long as the other guy has got a thick enough skin, it makes for a fun atmosphere too :D

    If they don't have the right kind of thick skin, they should probably go give themselves the David Carradine treatment anyway (at least they'll die happy doing what they love).

  2. I still dont get why you would bother advancing something backwards? They couldnt see anything so cant charge and would always be -2 down in CR if charged by someone else

  3. "I’d like to think that there is a reasonability test you can personally apply in your games to reach a point that you are happy with."
    It takes time, effort, and a certain amount of luck for most of us, but finding OTHERS with a similar mindset is one of the best things you can do to contribute to personal long-term satisfaction in any gaming environment! (Tabletop, MMORPG etc.)