Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Warhammer Fantasy FAQs - including Orcs & Goblins

Games Workshop posted new FAQs yesterday, including the Rulebook and the Orc & Goblin book.

Most changes are very minor but here are some of the main points:

• Mindrazor uses Leadership characteristic of model (not Inspiring Presence) – so downgrade
• Moving characters in units counts as moving
• Pivot through board edge is legal
• Removal of the teleporting charge

For the Orcs & Goblins by far the most important FAQ is that a roll of “1” on magic mushroom die is an automatic fail unless the spell is cast with IF. Also causes end of his casting for turn. OOOwwwww! [Remember Kids – Don’t Do Drugs!].

All can be picked up on GW website.

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  1. they've also cleared up the rules surrounding "characters position in units shenanigans". bsb, up front and centre please! :)