Thursday, May 26, 2011

Next Tomb King Wave

So here are the next release of Tomb King figures and these are all in "Finecast". In addition to thise Tomb king, Casket of Souls, Ushabti with Great Weapons will may the switch to resin.

Prince Apophas


Liche Priest

Ushabti with Bows

I really like the Special Character, dislike the Priest


  1. To be honest I don't like any of them.

    The Ushabti do the job I guess, although I don't like the heads that much.

    The Necrotect is just an average looking figure.

    The liche priest looks like a constipated zombie in a fancy dress costume and Prince Apophas just looks odd. The skull just doesn't do it for me and the lower half of the figure looks like some wearable art model wearing a dress made out of blue ping pong balls.

  2. The ushabti and special character look decent, but the liche priest looks like he's in line for the men's room and is not happy about how long it's taking...