Monday, May 16, 2011

Death Guard vs. Iron Hands - Round 2

Yesterday saw another game between my Death Guard Legion and John’s Iron Hands. This time we upped it 2000 points which say me add a Summoned Greater Daemon and a Defiler, while john made his Sternguard smaller and added another Devastator Squad and beefed one of the tactical squads up to full strength.

John’s army was:

Company Master
Librarian with Null Zone and Gate of Infinity
5 Assault Termies with TH/SS
7 Sternguard
3x 10 Tactical Marines
10 Assault Marines
2x 10 Devastator Squads

My Death Guard had:

Daemon Prince with Warptime
4x 7 Plague Marines in Rhinos
6 Plague Marines
2x 2 Obliterators

Having had two games of Annihilation we played “Seize Ground” Spearhead with three objectives. I loaded up in the Rhinos and set out to track into the centre, which was looking more and more a good strategy when I stole the initiative and went first.

On Turn 2 I clicked that this was not necessarily the masterstroke that I thought it was as I had given John the “last turn” and he could psychically move a unit to claim/contest and there was little I could do other than kill all of his Troops or assassinate his Librarian (which not surprisingly he was keeping safe behind a LoS blocking building).

John’s superior firepower was whittling away my squads and as expected the centre was turning into a scrum with the Termies finishing off the units. The Rhinos had been turned into wrecks around the central objective providing me with some cover.

In the end the game came down to one shooting phase (my Turn 5). I direct all my shooting at the four Termies that remained. This amounted to both squads of Oblits, two squads of Plague Marine meltas and combi-melta. I was fortunate to wipe the Termies out. My immobilised Defiler shot at a Troop unit in a building and by positioning the template to cover all it managed to also get the Librarian. There was an enormous sigh of relief from me when Little Boy Blue failed his cover save.

This left John with limited numbers of Troops near the central objective while I had a Troop squad camped on top. As we went into a 6th turn I pushed my unit forward to block. John got to within 3.5” of the marker but time ran out. In the end it was 2-1 to the good guys (Death Guard), me happy to have avenged the loss in our previous game.

Really enjoyed the game. We are both getting back into the game and are having enormous fun doing so.

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