Monday, March 26, 2012


On Sunday I wandered into Games Workshop to pick up one of the new colour charts they had advertised.

For those unaware, GW have relaunched their paint range. In the throes they have expanded it to 145 different paint products ranging from base (Foundation), layer (normal), shade (wash), glaze (glaze), dry (drybrush) and textured (like their old roughcoat). As part of this process all the existing colours have been renamed and new colours established with GW name-centric monikers. The reason for this is so that the range is covered under their copyright of IP so other companies will find it difficult to create a parallel range. You may be aware that Vallejo’s Game Colour range is a copy of GW’s with colours like Bloody Red (Blood Red) and Sick Green (Snot Green).

You can’t blame GW for wanting to protect their IP. I use Vallejo’s Game Colour by preference as I prefer the dropper bottle containers over GW. I’m sure I’m not the only one so I understand the driver.

What never ceases to amaze me is the fact that ‘Haters got to hate”. Both local forums and overseas boards have people who see this expanded paint range as a bad thing. You have the guys who bought a pot 10 years ago who believe that GW has a lifelong obligation to continue to provide that shade. You have the guys who have mixed their own colours complaining that it will be difficult to get a colour match. You even have people moaning that it disadvantages the colourblind by changing the colour names.

The Conversion Chart GW Have Produced To Quell The Hate

Well guess what? I think it’s great we have new colours. A white foundation paint – fantastic! More browns – wonderful! Greater selection of washes – excellent!

Seriously in a world where there is a lot to bitch about, this really isn’t a target.


  1. Expanded range. Less cost. Your old paints still work in the mean time.

    Haters have not a leg to stand on.

  2. Very cool. My first purchase will be Lahmian Medium, which will help with my Flames of War decals, and can be mixed with layer paints to create a glaze from whatever colour you want. Just plain nice.

    Word is that they are using a different manufacturer now, and that the pigmentation does not match exactly to the old range. If true, the name change makes a lot of sense. If someone had to buy a Bleached Bone which was not the same as the old Bleached Bone, I'd ay there would be some hatin'. Calling it Ushabti Bone, (as well as being more IP friendly) will help distinguish it.

  3. I can understand painters who follow GW recipes and are halfway through an army that requires uniformity being upset. But for me, paint is paint is paint. All these "new" breakthroughs are just acrylic paint with medium/glaze added to varying degrees. I will miss dheneb stone though, one of my most used paints and no longer available - the suggested replacement looks grey rather than pale flesh. Ah well, somebody will make a similar shade.

    1. Vallejo Game Color already makes an identical shade to Dheneb Stone, and every other color from GW's old range. This is the point that really makes me wonder why some are so pissed about the switch over, you can still get the old range, cheaper, and in bigger, dropper bottles.

  4. the dry stuff is godly