Thursday, March 22, 2012

Equinox Warhammer Results

Here are the results for the Equinox Fantasy tournament played over the weekend. The final results haven't been sent out to players yet so I've reformatted a cut and paste from the City Guard forum. This didn't include the armies so I have filled them in where I have been able.

Edit: Final results now available

All participants scored maximum sports (a fantastic result). Tiebreakers are first Painting points and then most Sporting Opponent votes.

Some observations:
  • Seven different armies in the Top 10.
  • Non-Aucklanders fill 9 of the Top 10 - only Rob Sadler stopping the rout
  • Only 2 Battle Points split 3rd to 7th Place - very very tight
  • Only one Ogre in the Top 20!
  • Four of the five Empire armies in the Top 20
  • Two Khemri armies in the Top 5 - both very different builds (one with two SSC, one without any)


  1. Its really good to see a few of the "internets worst armies" making it into the top 10, and doing well overall. Wood elves even put on a strong performance all weekend hanging in the top tables right to the end.
    I would have thought Orcs n goobos would have been up there, but didnt spot anyone bringing a really solid/refined list (imo). Maybe Gork (or possibly Mork) was not smiling on them.

  2. Jordon Rees wasn't at the event.He booked his flight for the following weekend :))))

    Michael Stewart took Empire to Pete

  3. Are you guys going to post the army lists?

  4. Don't have them. The TO never released them