Thursday, March 29, 2012

Impressions of 2000 Points after 18 Months of 2400 Points

Last night Mike and I tried out our lists for NatCon. As previously mentioned NatCon is 2000 points and the reduction from the normal 2400 points was a real eyeopenner.

The key thing I took from the game is that units are less expendable than under 2400 points. Losing one really opens up a hole in your lines. The potential impact makes magic missiles, in particular, more viable as units are either smaller or more important.

The next thing I noticed is that your characters aren’t quite as formidable because you need the points elsewhere – typically to try and maintain the required size of units. Mike had to make choices around his Slaan while I ran only 4 characters whereas my Skaven at 2400 points would generally have six.

It also gave me an insight into my Lore choice. I suspect that I’ll be switching between Ruin and Plague a lot more than I necessarily would at 2400 points.

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  1. Oh the trauma of being restricted to just 4 effective characters rather than 6, my Dwarven heart can only express its sympathy...

    ... that being said i agree with you 2000pts makes a difference particularly for armies that lack cheap throwaway chaff units