Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Empire Definitely Next!

From Beasts of War:

That’s right guys, all you WHFB Empire players will be stoked to know that the next army update will belong to you!
The next White Dwarf has a new Karl Franz model and a Empire Wizard mounted on a two-headed griffon.
There’s a War Altar and new knightly orders too… does that make you go weak at the knees?
What do you think?
UPDATE: We’re hearing that an Glass Lens Weapon (Ala Archimedes) is on the cards as well. – If so will this include some kind of clear perspex component like in the Necron kits
Pictures as they come available


  1. Sounds cool, any update is good and Empire have a lot of conceptual room for new stuff. I wonder how many Sorceror Lords we'll see on two-headed Griffons though?

    1. Unless its under 400 points (all up, so you could possibly afford a high Ld General as well) or has a ward/regen save (for both rider and monster) not very likely.

  2. please let there be no knights riding demigriffons... dont ruin empire...

  3. I'm excited and worried. I quite like the current Empire book. I guess that GW have done a reasonably decent job on most of the post 8th edition books so far, so here's hoping that they keep the trend up.

  4. *sigh* guess we have to wait even longer for a new Dwarf book then while the more profit inducing GW armies get updated...