Friday, March 23, 2012

Terrain & Natcon List

No games planned for this weekend. However no play makes Pete a dull(er) boy.

Over the week I have finished my Skullvane Manse and also one of Tabletop World’s Town Houses. These need to be based and fenced giving me two further pieces of terrain for my table. I’ll try to get some pictures up over the weekend.

I also have a range of other terrain pieces I’d like to assemble paint and base in time for Horned Rat V. These include two more Tabletop World houses, GW’s Gated Mansion, the GW Tower and a couple of Gardens of Morr (to use as impassable terrain). I’ve got about five weeks so I should be able to knock most of it on the head.

The next event is two weeks away – NatCon. This is 2000 points with moderately heavy comp. Army lists are due in today it will be interesting to put together a smaller list, with 2400 points having been the norm over the past eighteen months. I personally like 2000 points as I believe that it makes you make hard choices around troop selection. It generally takes out the dual Lord choices – especially 2x Level 4 – and the majority of the points you have to give up come out of Special/Rare/Characters. Suddenly your characters aren’t as well protected, your Special choices aren’t as big and you probably have to surrender one of your Rares. The other constraints we are dealing under are no triple Special choices or double Rares. As somebody who likes a simple plan with built-in redundancy these constraints certainly impact my build. However I think that they are good “checks” on army power.


  1. I couldnt be bothered with a 2k list with heavy comp. If it was one or the other, then I probably would have been there.
    I think several people are of the same opinion.
    Im off to Horned Rat instead

  2. I read the fine print on the comp, put my list in and waiting to see if it comes back.... fingers crossed he reads pete's blog about army power and lets my innocuous little OnG list through the gate!

  3. Hamish, you promised me it was Ogres from now on...

    I'm not playing in Natcon, despite proximity, but I will swing by and make sure you're all enjoying the Waikato.. or at least enduring it...

  4. Interesting thoughts Pete, I had a look at the WH comp rules and thought they were pretty light on comp overall.

    Especially when compared to ETC...


  5. Hi Vod,

    Guess I class the ETC as extreme. Comp rules (apart from ETC) have been relaxing with the release of the 8th Ed books.

    Good to hear that you are coming along to Natcon. Keen to see what you come up with for the VCs. Strength of the book to date is that no "net" build has emerged. The Europeans apparently see it as one of the strongest armies - albeit under ETC comp.


  6. I see that comp has been running wild in the WH scene while I've been away playing Flames of war.
    I'm still trying to get my head back around the new VC list and re-learning how to play warhammer again. I don't think that my daemons work at 2000 points so will be good to see if I can make the vamps work...

    I see there is virtually no forum chat about Natcon this year which is a pity, what are you running with?


  7. See I've got a different view, I reckon DoC are killer at 2000 points - far better than at 2400 relatively.

    My youngest, Tom is taking DoC to Natcon and I think it's a great list. At 2400 points he has been doing well with it - 2nd at HomeCon and 3rd at Runefang on Battle Points.

    I'm using Rats at Natcon.

  8. Oh, I'm sure that it's possible to get daemons to work at 2000pts. I just don't think that the models and options that i have available to me work at that points level.

    Playing WH at natcon was a last minute decision due to a degree of muppetness around the FoW events so I didn't have enough time to get much done from a purchasing and painting point of view. that pretty much dictated my decision to go with the vamps...

  9. The biggest problem "apparently" with VC is generating significant positive CR. The Crypt Horrors look resilient but don't do enough damage the internet wisdom suggests.

    I've played the new Vamps once but didn't really learn a lot. I think there is a very strong army in there and you're the man to find it.

    Should be a fun event...Mike K and I have game this week with our lists. I'm hoping to play Tom this weekend.

    That's one of the most interesting has been played at 2400 for last 18 months.

  10. I think that has what has "scared" a few off... 2000 points being more of a limiter than any kind of capping.

    Wood Elves for me... a couple of wooden crutches ;)