Monday, March 26, 2012

Wraith Alternatives

Keen to start a Necron army?

Gutted that you can't buy wraiths at all, because the metal ones are waiting to get either made into finecast or a new plastic kit, leaving no alternative in the mean time?

A little bit skint, and not particularly good at converting?

Those lads over at Puppetswar have bailed you out again, aieeeee!

For 28nz you can get 3 of these bad boys, so generally for an army at most you're going to need to spend somewhere up to 112nz for 12 wraiths!

Introducing the "Cyber Arthropod Squad".


  1. Puppetswar is definitely top shelf stuff. The obvious "Space Robot" alternatives as well as some of their conversion bits really look the business!

  2. Given that they're not GW would these be allowed at FoB? They look really nice.

  3. FoB has nothing to do with GW anymore, so you can go nuts, unless Pete's actually scored some help from GW this year? (miracles can happen, I Guess...)

  4. There is no requirement for GW models at FOB