Monday, March 19, 2012

New Draft Of ETC Army Restrictions Released

One word.....



  1. Yep. They are playing something but it's not Warhammer.

    Highlights are the reduction of casting dice to 4 for Death and Shadow spells.

    Generally it looks like Cavalry-Bus-hammer FTW!

    1. Euughh, I don't get this constant boner to change the game. Play it for what it is or fuck off to what ever game bandwagon the disaffected happen to be getting on at the time.

    2. Yikes! Certainly makes for a different game.


  2. To slightly misquote Martin Johnson; "ETC in over-harsh comp restriction shocker"! ;)

  3. So uhhh, here's a question.

    Why does a team event, that limits teams to 1 of each army, require any comp or restrictions, what so ever, full stop?

    Given the blatant railroading of some armies into a single competetive build that rules pack they've posted does, this clearly isn't the reasoning, which is the usual go to excuse for hanging onto an antiquated tradition.

    Sure there may be some valid reasons when looking at a singles event, but this is very different.

  4. those restrictions are funny... Considering all the effort put into them and they come out with that...

    Charlie is actually right.. They Don't need any comp, Or very very light. Yet for some reason they clamp down so the game is played in a weird european way. The restriction of using only 4-5 dice is most amusing.

    & yet... It seems to be getting a reasonably positive response??

  5. looks OK to me - What's wrong with it?
    Mind you I only read as far as the Bretonnian restrictions LOL and I couldn't be bothered to read the rest of the tome.


  6. It's weird I thought much of the previous comp was derided as too heavy then they go a step further... Europeans like their 7.5 ed!!

    But really meh, the warhammers the least important part of the ETC. it's all about meeting everyone from different nations and having fun. Oh and getting groped by Woody from team Ireland!

  7. Problem is it appears as if the world has split 8th ed into 2 camps.

    'Central Europe' seem to be favouring VERY heavy comp systems (they consider draft 2 to be 'light' comp), and everyone else (Australasia, UK, US...) that prefer very little comp for 8th ed.

    I agree - main problem is they seem to be screwing diversity in lists - and 'forcing' certain builds.

    Oh well... still should be good fun!

  8. What games this there paying? Certainly isnt WHFB...
    They just killed CD as an army after allowing it in 5 mins ago...
    I agree with above sentiments. Mono build heavy hard cap system is retarded.
    And here I am thinking some of NZ restrictions are to hard
    Atleast they allow double skull catapults


  9. The interesting thing is some of the discussion around the AR. It is clear that the pro-heavy comp camp were very deliberate in stacking the AR committee with heavy comp supporters.

    There are now cries of "we didn't know you stood for this" from the light comp supporters. Again it looks like the Europeans did their "homework" far more thouroughly than the Anglo nations.

    You've got to admire their prep.

  10. Wondering why they just don't come up with a set of pre-approved army lists for every race and get each player to pick the one they are going to use. Given the increasing restrictions being put in place every year the army lists are all tending toward stock standard BotB lists anyway.

    Of course the real question is 'Why do people still play in this competition given the comp restrictions?'

  11. I like it - 0-1 Ironblasters ...see its confirmed they are broken

  12. I quite like it, but I've always leant towards heavy comp as a personal preference.

    Also, don't go believing all the noise that all of the UK is in favour of light or no restrictions. There's a multitude of opinions out there.