Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Roadtest for Army Case

This weekend is the first big test for my Battlefoam Army Case. My lovely wife bought me the case for Christmas and it holds my full Skaven army all in movement trays.

I purchased an Ogre fit out for the case with a pluck foam layer for my Mournfang. I do not have standard Mournfang cavalry. All mine are the larger Forgeworld Rhinox Riders. Five of these monsters fit in the tray I’ve customised.

Part of the attraction in buying the case was that it is FAA approved as cabin baggage on airline flights. Airlines use a formula whereby the three dimensions of a piece of luggage must total less than 46” to be taken on a plane as hand luggage. The Battlefoam 720 comes in at 40”. They have a larger case, the Air Pack which comes in at 45.5” but I don’t want to push things that close if I’m dealing with belligerent airport staff.

The other advantage the 720 has is that its trays remain upright when you carry it. This isn’t as important for 40k as it is for Fantasy where you use movement trays rather than individual compartments.

My biggest fear is that it will not fit in the overhead locker of Air New Zealand’s new aircraft. Jack indicated when he took his Dark Eldar north in a similar case he had to turn it on its side to fit in the overhead locker. Not such a problem with Ogres but I would make sure I padded out my compartments with tissue for the Skaven (so they don’t come off the movement trays).


  1. It was about half an inch from going in, but mine was loaded to the brim. If it's not bursting at the seams you might be able to get it in. This was on one of the new AirNZ A320's too, so I have no idea how the older ones or even Jetstar might stack up.

  2. Really, Jetstar? Really?

    Are they still going?

  3. I found the 420 was as big as you can go in the NZ aircraft fleet (both jetstar, ANZ, and PB)
    If you have a look at the airline websites they actually stipulate max dimensions, and they differ from those you quote. US have the max 46", but in NZ we have max x/y/z dimensions

  4. Not according to the Air NZ flight information on cabin baggage.

    Both Domestic and International have a combined limit of 46.5"

  5. Check www.airnewzealand.co.nz/cabin-baggage

  6. We also have a limit of 1 bag for your Carry-On in NZ.
    7 is my record so far.