Friday, March 16, 2012

It's Tournament Time!

Bag packed, army in its case and transport to the airport all organised. This weekend is the largest NZ Fantasy event since the advent of 8th Edition.

Equinox has attracted a good field with the majority of NZ’s Top 20 ranked players plus the cream of Auckland gaming circles. I’m expecting it to be both a fun and competitive event.

The Composition system, after some initial concern, looks generally robust and nicely complements the recent “FluffyCon” at Battlecry. The move back towards the rulebook line of Sight rules is also welcome even if it does disadvantage my army (I use the larger Bull Rhinox as Mournfang Cavalry).

The mix of armies on offer has been covered in an earlier post. Suffice to say it is sufficiently different from the usual lower North Island mix to ensure a new challenge. Looking through the list of participants I have played only 40% of them before. That means that there is a high chance of getting at least three games against new opponents.

So how do I think I’ll go? Well I’d be disappointed to not make the Top 10. That’s largely based on the practice I’ve had with the Ogres over the first three months of the year. They are an army that can win big i.e. combat based but also lose big if things go wrong. That means that I’ll look to target an average of 13 points per game…..78/120. Anything more than that will be a bonus. I would be very very happy to make Top 5 but that would be dependant on a charitable draw and everything going right.

I’m really pumped for the event. Check back on Monday for tales of woe or hopefully glory. It’s a cliché I know but I would be happy to draw six great opponents and have six hard fought games (albeit with me winning all of them due to an unforeseen chain of lucky dice rules).


  1. Your comment re Rhinox Riders is a bit odd. Its not like anything blocks LoS to standard Mournfang Cav either...

    Anyway, Good Luck and please don't let some JAFA git win the thing ;)

  2. There are times when the extra 1" height is difference between being seen and not seen