Monday, March 12, 2012

Equinox This Weekend

So this weekend sees what will be the largest NZ WHFB tournament since 8th Edition was released. Equinox has attracted 48 participants who will battle it out over six rounds.

Thirteen of NZ’s Top 20 are there plus the current NZ Masters’ Champion so it will be a very competitive field.

What will be interesting is to see the mix of armies on show. Looking at the 13 Top 20 players attending, I am seeing eleven different races as likely (the double ups being WoC and Beastmen). Such diversity makes for a really interesting event. The TO is going to give a breakdown of army choice prior to the event but I’m guessing Auckland being the Chaos Wastes we’ll see the usual dominance of WoC armies.

Four of the NZ ETC team are on show. Expect lots of 12-8 results anywhere they are involved!

The 40k side sees 40 participants fighting it out. No surprise in me picking Charlie to take it out and Jack to podium. Charlie will be using his Necrons which won at OTT and Battlecry, after Jack’s Dark Elder “retired” Charlie’s Space Wolves at the Masters. The Necrons will give Jack’s army a very hard time if they meet. Viva the meta.


Warriors 9
Empire 5
Vampires 4
Ogre 4
Tomb Kings 4
Orc & Goblin 3 
Wood Elves 3
Bretonnian 3
Dark Elves 3

High Elves 3
Skaven 2 
Dwarfs 2

Chaos Dwarfs 1 
Beastman 1 
Lizardmen 1

Just shows the difference between the top and bottom of the North Island. Skaven and Dwarfs made up one third of the field at Runefang and here only 4 total. No surprise re the Warriors.

No Daemons - Boo Hiss!


  1. These things really need to be held in Wellington more often - all the best anyway

    1. When I lived in Palmerston North for 2 years, any excuse possible to get me out of the city was a goer.
      Surprised you're not keen on every out of city tournament in existence!

    2. This is true! It's how Charlie learned to use a Knife and fork

    3. I would be keen but my 3 kids aren't unfortunately unless Pete sets up a Creche for me at each Venue

  2. Why not organise PalmiCon or ManawaCon (or HadesCon)?

    1. Thought about it ill have another chat to the club about setting something up - would need help organising it though as I havent got a clue. Get Peter to volunteer

    2. We had NiCon once at the Massey Events center, that went down a treat. I suppose the best person to ask about how to organise a tournament in Palmy would be Derek and the other guys involved in organising. I would be keen to help out, but would only be free after June at best.

      - Adam Richards

  3. No Daemons... I'm appalled, are we(they) that uncompetitive these days?

  4. Yeah right wish.

    I'm guessing that they have given up destruction and desoulation for Lent, Ramadan, Peter's Birthday

    1. Hehe, yeah not sure, talk at Chaosmortalnox 2012 though...

  5. Damn one of the worst matchups for me, warriors, and theres 9 of the buggers. Where be me deamons? I even tooled up my army to suit!
    If theres one thing you can count on its the puppet (muppet) factory has been working overtime of late...

    1. Hhhm, that is a cool idea for a conversion i.e. Kermit twisted by chaos.

      - Adam

  6. God, I wish I was there with my Bretts. With all those Warriors, thats at least one guaranteed win, likely two or more with a good run :(

    Funny about the Daemons, is this still lingering 7th Ed hate for them in NZ?