Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ogres at Equinox (Part 2)

Jack and I headed out on Saturday night and had a fantastic Thai meal at "tusk" in Balmoral. best Pad Thai that I've ever had and I have a bit of a penchant for that dish.

When Neil and Peter Williamson got back from their fourth game of the day - a Team Challenge - they told us that it was an 8.00am start on Sunday. Yuck.

Game 4 - Tim Joss (Tomb Kings) - King of the Hill

I was a little surprised to see myself sitting equal 1st on 48 points going into Day 2. I put this down to the difficulty in getting very big wins due to the BP graduation.

Joint leader was Tim Joss with Tomb Kings. I knew he had blown away Mike King's Lizards with shooting on Day One. When I saw his list I realised why. He had 4 units of 10 archers, 2 units of 20 archers, a 40 man horde of Tomb Guard, 3 Necropolis Knights, 2 Sphinx, 2 SSC, Casket of Souls, 5 Horsemen, a Hierophant and Tomb Priest.

This was a very hard fought game. Tim went first and got off a 6 dice casket which I decided to let through. It destroyed a unit of Mournfang and then bounced twice doing nothing more. I hadn't realised it bounced but would have still let it through as I was keeping all my dice (and scroll) for stopping Smiting. With 85 shoots it was impossible to let that go off. Tim also destroyed an Ironblaster with the first SSC shot. Oh dear!

Over the next few turns I worked away at Tim's flanks killing his Horsemen with Sabretusks and a unit of bow with Maneaters. My remaining Ironblaster put two wounds on one Sphinx. Tim then had a charge on my Maneaters which was pretty importantant. He needed to roll "8" to get in but didn't get it and therefore had to pull archers back. In my next turn I charged the Maneaters into the Sphinx and mournfang into the flank of 10 archers which they blew away. They then had an overrun path into the flank of the Sphinx and rolled the required "5". Unfortunately for me this took them 1/2" out of both General and BSB range and they failed their Fear Test. I won the combat but Tim only lost one wound.

Tim failed a charge on Mournfang with his Knights - I fancied the matchup having fought it the day before - and this let me start to get into his centre with Sabretusks and the unit of Mournfang. I deliberately left a unit of archers in front of his Tomb Guard block alone as they were blocking their advance. The Sphinx went down and the Maneater retreated to the far board edge to protect his points. Later in the game Tim shot his SSC at it to get the remaining wound (and 217 points) and unluckily blew up the warmachine.

My Ironblaster destroyed the other Sphinx and then Tim tried a very very long charge with his Knights, again failing. Again I fancied this matchup. I knew that the Ironblaster was likely to survive - 5 wounds at To 6 - and I could then get something into the flank of the Knights. I pulled the Sphinx-beating Mournfang across and hear I made a critical mistake.

It gave the blocking archers a suicide charge into the flank of the Mournfang, freeing the path of the Tomb Guard into the Ogre Bulls. Again I thought I would survive this fight but I ended up losing by three. I failed both Ld 6 tests and ran. However the pursuit path was blocked by my Ironguts and the bulls got away and rallied.

I received the 400 Bonus Points for the hill and was 330-odd points in front on kills. This gave me a 13-7.

Win 13-7

On Table 2, Bail Moskovis' Vampires went down to Ross Hillier-Jones Warriors setting up a match versus Chaos in Round 5.


  1. I realised on the flight home my Tomb Guard block should have hit your bulls with firebelly and Slaughtermaster in the flank on the pursuit, as I had a huge overhang to the left of the ironguts, which ment I should have had to angle my pursuit instead of straight forward. Resulting turn 6 combat would have interesting, at a bare minimum possibly denying the bonus 400vp. Oh well next time =). Good game at any rate


  2. Yep your right.

    That would have been an interesting fight as I would have charged the two Mournfang into your flank (that had reformed to your rear after killing archers).

    It would have been interesting to see if the Firebelly, Slaughtermaster and Champ plus two Mournfang could hold up/beat the Tomb Guard.

    My Bulls rallied on the macehead so would likely still got the 400 points.

    I'll revert on that fight.

  3. Very dicey fight. By my reckoning the Ogres win it - however dependent on Impact Hits from Mournfang and Breath Weapon by Firebelly as to how much. Part of your line gets challenged out by Ogre Champ. I likely lose Firebelly (same initiative level).

    In the end the Ogres wouldn't look like breaking you and unless they rolled very poorly would win by between 4-8 wounds.

  4. So probably the same result in the end, as I most likley loose a prince for your firebelly dependant of spell buffs and any number of dice rolls. Smells like a rematch at any rate =P