Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Equinox Ogre List

I was asked the other day to post the list I used at Equinox.

It is my take on what is a reasonably standard build you’ll see playing in most countries. I’ve tweaked certain parts to reflect my playstyle.


Slaughtermaster – Level 4, Lore of Great Maw, Fencer’s Blades, Glittering Scales, Dispel Scroll, Opal Amulet (388)


Bruiser – BSB, Sword of Striking, Enchanted Shield (154)
Firebelly – Dragonbane Gem, XHW, Ironcurse Icon (132)


8 Bulls – Full Command (291)
8 Ironguts – Full Command, Standard of Discipline (394)


2 Mournfang Cavalry – Ironfist, Heavy Armour (140)
2 Mournfang Cavalry – Ironfist, Heavy Armour (140)
2 Mournfang Cavalry – Ironfist, Heavy Armour (140)
Sabretusk (23)
Sabretusk (23)
Sabretusk (23)
4 Maneaters – 3x XHW, 1x Great Weapon, Scout, Immune to Psychology


Ironblaster (170)
Ironblaster (170)

I sure others can come up with better and more efficient builds but after 30+ games I’ve found this is what works for me.


  1. Thanks for that Pete has been interesting reading about how you played them vs. your normal Skaven list @ Equinox

  2. Looks scarily similar to several lists that I've used (although I have a penchant for the Tyrant).

    How would you address the ETC comp??? (max 3 mournfang/ironblaster, and 0-1 Ironblaster...) - although despite this limitation I think the ETC restrictions actually make Ogres better due to the shadow/death nerf.

    1. Yeah thanks Dave for unleashing this on the world. Even Pete is Netlisting it now ;-)

  3. Or Antony Kitson. Or Ben Diesel or Bryan Carmichael. Or anyone who has read the book.

    It's not rocket surgery James :-)

    1. Agreed, but that makes me slightly sad about the Ogre Book. Being a one build wonder is a massive army book design failure IMO (regardless of how good that one build is).

    2. I think there is more than one build in the book.

      I'm interested to try the massed Leadbelcher build at some stage and also look at using the Monsters

  4. Not rocket science at all I agree Pete. It's a really good all round list, I run something similar in build with my WoC.

    4th level mage
    2 big core units
    1 tough elite unit
    5-6 diverters
    3 heavy cav
    2 chariots.

    The main difference is pete's "chariots" are so much better as they shoot huge cannons balls from hell haha. . As well an extra level 2 mage. I'm jealous, here's hoping the new WoC book kicks arse.
    The only thing you could do different Pete is split the core into units of 4 from 8. Gives you more manouverbility. Can get you into more trouble as well so it's hmmm soso.
    I do like the maneaters set up, & the 2 mournfang sized units just nice. No crown of command is surprising,I geuss 8 ironguts won't be needing that on average. :) As for people trying this out, easier said then done IMO. Though it certainly is a strong list.
    Well done on First place pete.

  5. Pete, stop trying to cover up your netlisting... it's the 3 x 2 Mournfang that does it (and the small unit of scouting maneaters) ;-) (Ben and Bryan had/have big units of Mournfang... Ant a bunch of happy buddahs).

    Not suggesting you have "nelisted" as I'm sure your more than cpabale of coming to the same conclusions I have, but in UK I went to 2 events after the book came out with 3x2 Mournfang and did pretty well (everyone else was running 4's). In the new year I went to event and pretty much all the Ogre armies were running 3x2... imitation is the highest form of flattery though.

    Splitting guts to 4's is a horrible idea (imho). Guts only work because when (not if) they take wounds they can usually absorb them, and hit back with almost full attacks still... 4's wouldn't have enough left to hit back vs anything other than light support units.

    1. My realisation that twos are better than big units came after about my third game vs. Mike's Lizards - slow learner. I needed something to clean out the skink units and 140 points was a lot more sensible than 280 points. Also stopped me going into ranked blocks. Played against Ant's unit of two at Masters last year and it worked well in that role.

      It's led to a more reticent playstyle with the army which suits me and helps protect the flanks of the IBs.

      Maneaters I started with Scout/Stubborn. At the time the net wisdom was Scout/Sniper with pistols. I switched to Scout/ITP because I wanted the certainty that they would work "or die trying",

      Like Dave I think 4s is a horrible idea for Bulls.

  6. Units of 4, or should I say two units of 4 working together. Twice the chance to get 1d3 inpacts in. attacks have to be allocated to two seperate instead on just the one. Often leaving one extra ogre alive, so more attacks. Two targets for spells mean less pain that target a whole unit; same for artillery. Two break tests if you lose combat. If you both flee he can only run down one.
    Also 4 units of 4 can give you a choice of what goes into the enemy ie those at full strength. While the ones whittled down can peel off and try something else.
    Not saying you are wrong as there are cons, but there are also more to it then just to units of 4 then being manouverable.
    I hope that made sense :).

  7. Sean - I understand your points.... still a bad idea.

    That said I may be using an 8 and a 4... but that's only because it comes to 600 points, and I need more Maneaters!!

    Pete - I used a 5 with Dragon-Banner at my Ogres first outing (2,999 points), but quickly switched to 2's... for pretty much the reasons you listed. 2's are so much better and 3 units for 420 points is ridiculous.