Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Horned Rat V Players Pack

Here is the Players Pack for the Horned Rat V here in Wellington on 5/6 May.

It appears that the snotlings have run amok and desecrated the document.

Raymond is happy to ask answer any gaming questions while I'll cover the logistical ones.

Umpire's Errata to the Pack:

If an item generates D3/D6 power dice no other dice can be generated in that phase. If any are then they are discarded. The player may use all dice rolled but will be stuck with only 1 additional dice if that is what is rolled.


  1. I notice the cap of +2 PD per army. Alot of tourneys around the world have introduced that TK armys can generate +D3 and take them all (as need the extra boost) and that they will get 1 as often as 3. Others introduce that the + D3 will always generate +2. Any chance of this seeing light at horned rat/gobbo?

  2. Oh and multiple Spelleating and Spellbreaking Runes ;)

    1. Trust a Dwarf player to point this out as a good thing! :P

      Joel V

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  3. One question about the cap of 2 PD each turn, well rather a clarification.

    If an item generates D3 power dice, does this therefore under this rule, that if 3 dice are generated, you only get 2?

  4. yup fairly sure thats what it means.

    Somehow i doubt it. The pack is out, and is unlikely to be changed,