Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Puppet Wars

The breakdown of lists for Equinox shows that there are nine Warriors of Chaos armies in the draw, comprising just shy of 20% of the field.

As they say “There are only two things certain in life”. Rather than death and taxes it is that you are likely to play a WOC army (70% by my calculation) and that WOC army will have the Infernal Puppet. You can bet your bottom dollar that the Puppet factory will have been working overtime in the lead-up to Equinox.

The Puppet is a fantastic item and I believe is 1+ in a WOC list. It totally changes the whole landscape of magic. I know when I see the Puppet that it totally neuters Skaven’s most dangerous weapon versus Chaos, the 6 dice Dreaded 13th Spell. Generally it restricts my ability to throw it until the last two turns of the game by when it may be too late. To that end I believe it is the major reason for including an Earthing Rod in a tournament list.

The other big thing is that there are no restrictions surrounding the Puppet at Equinox. Therefore it is possible to take the item and a dispel scroll which is fantastic defence against Magic.

So what will so many puppets mean for me this weekend? It vindicates me taking the Lore of Great Maw on my Slaughtermaster. The ability to cast low casting value spells is the greatest defence against the Puppet. Any Puppetmaster opponents can expect lots of Fireballs and a multitude of unenhanced Maw all weekend.


  1. Well the 5 Empire players (myself included) will probably be laughing through every magic phase as we "tactically" six-dice-monkey spells from the War Altar at the 9 Warriors armies.

    1. I wish I could +1 this :D

      Take that, Chaos!

    2. Well I can guarantee they won't make my Brets miscast.
      Its a pity that their miscasts will be damp squibs.