Monday, January 14, 2013

HomeCon III Weekend

Over the weekend we had 16 gamers at my place for HomeCon III. Five games at 2400 points with scenarios.

The main point of the weekend was to get some games in early in the year to remove some of those Xmas cobwebs. It allowed people to try out 2013 tournament lists, fun lists and new/different units.

The results featured a three way tie for 3rd Place between Tom, Peter W and Dave Appleby (who did a Williamson and picked up 20 points in the last round, coincidently beating a Williamson). Joel held off Tom in their final game, rallying two units to draw 10-10 denying Tom the 12-8 he needed.

James had a tough weekend with his new WoC army, while Mike reaffirmed why you don't see too many Centigors on the table. Tom wasn't overimpressed with the Chariot of Slaanesh or the Hellflayer - he thinks they are just expensive Fiends that can't march.

John had two games (Ogres and Empire) where his General was cannoned off the board in the first turn while I struggled to get full value out of the Hellheart.

As predicted, very little could stand up frontally to Hamish's Skullcrushers but they were vulnerable to been frenzy bailed.

From a gamer's perspective, the most enjoyable part of the weekend was seeing Simon's Dwarfs taking their heaviest loss in the game where they completely castled in 12" corner. Couldn't happen to a better race!

Pro Tip: Never send a Canadian Dwarf player to put the meat in the garage fridge. Come BBQ time 30 minutes was loss defrosting all the food after he instead put it all in the freezer.


  1. Can't say I'm surprised to see that Ogre list come out on top. Still needs to be played well but tooled up Slaughtermaster, Hellheart, Gutstar, 2 units of mournfang and twin ironblasters is playing Warhammer on easy mode...

    Best result to me seems to be that high elf list (again). Really good result :)

    1. No credit for Skaven. Check.

      No credit for Ogres. Check.

      Seem to remember - no credit for Vamps. Check. No credit for Woodies. Check.

      Lucky I pay extra to get these armies that play themselves.

    2. And before all the High Elves arrive and wax lyrical regarding Peter's list and result, let's remember the real skill in that list is avoiding the top tables :-)

      He played no-one else in the Top 5 and lost to #6 and #7. His results were loss to Hamish (WoC), beat Mike (Beasts), loss to Sam (Orcs), beat Glen (VC) and beat Wil (Ogres).

      As I predicted before the event Peter is smart enough to stay away from the shark pool and have his HEs mince to two wins from the lower half of the table Round 4 & 5.

      Sorry to kill the romance but reality is a harsh mistress :-)

    3. The more posts like that, the more John will confuse you for me and finally get off my nuts.

  2. Daylight in second, Joel third and a three way tie for 4th.

  3. Pro tip... Loved it. I swear to god I heard freezer. Don't know why but that's what I heard.

    I give my artillery a 4/10 for the weekend. The damn things misfired 8 times in two turns against David (which was my biggest loss as said)

    Thank the great Thorek this wasn't ranked! I guess I'll just a bring that Hammerer Heavy list as said to the ranks ones.

    She'll be right!

    1. Sorry mate, but I didn't say Freezer, as I am not a Twat. All those loud warmachines and constant grumbling have made you partly deaf!!

  4. 2 sides to every story "Tom passed more than statistically probable 6+ AS/5+ ward on his BSB's last wound denying Joel a comfortable 11-9/12-8 victory in the last game" :P

    Those new DOC chariots are awesome. The sideways base on beat a hellblaster on Combat res...

    Great Homecon with 5 very enjoyable games - even the one which consisted of "Mournfang to face t1".

    Joel v

  5. Hi guys, I just wanted to thank our host Pete for a fantastic weekend and my 5 opponents for 5 very enjoyable games!
    Pete - High Elves, Locky - Orges, Tom - Deamons, Sam - O&G and our Host Pete!
    I learnt a ton over the weekend about several army's I havent played against much, in edition to a few good tactical tricks and rules! :)

    I look foward to seeing everyone at the NZ teams event and nationals!

    FYI - the brick des work ;)

  6. Ha ha nice work Joel! As for Simon...asian dad dissapoint! You no get first place....not even sixth place...asian dad say quit warhammer and become doctor!

    1. But father, I want to be Artist!

      When It comes to a list like mine. It's really reliant on the warmachines to hit, let alone not misfire enough times to make me want to cry.

      So I blame the list... not my skill, not a chance... right guys?

    2. No, just some Mournfang Bear Riders and Cannon Chariots in the next Army Book....

    3. Peter, my offer still holds. I will bring no warmachines in my Dwarf army if you bring your Ogres without including any chariot/warmachines!

    4. Mournfang riding Bears, cleaning that Dwarf's been on the hard stuff

    5. I seem to remember playing an ogre army without any chariot/warmachines quite recently against said dwarf list which included warmachines.