Wednesday, January 16, 2013

User Name on Dakka Dakka?

Sometimes you see something on TV that makes you do a second take.

On Monday night we were watching the latest episode in the new series of Louis Theroux documentaries on TV One. Here Louis was returning to the USA to see what had become of the porn movie industry. He had previously done a documentary in 1997 and here he was catching up with some of the original interviewees.

About 20 minutes in I did a double take. While he was interviewing one of the male porn stars my eyes shifted to the background. There on a table was an "Army Transport Motor Pool" carry case from Sabol Designs. Here's a screenshot:

Don't believe me? You can check it out on TVNZ On Demand.

Now I'm wondering what army does this guy play - Slaanesh is too easy! And what's his handle on Dakka Dakka?

Keep any comments tasteful.


  1. saw that a while back and had a laugh as well. i wonder if Sabol are thrilled about the product placement.

    at least this way there is proof that gamers can actually get laid :)

  2. yeah, i saw that the other night, was kinda sad watching those coked out wrecks of people. i did however enjoy seeing that army case tucked away under the stairs next to a massive stack of porn films, seems like an appropriate place to keep your 40k