Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A quick shout out bits scrounge...

Hi ho,

while I wait for my Sons of Horus to arrive, I thought to myself "Hmm, how can I best annoy Pete?".

The answer was obvious, based off his recent posts. I had one of two options:

- Go back in time, convince Gav Thorpe to not wait until late 4th edition to write his take on the Chaos Codex. Or;
- Do a Dark Angel army of some such variety.

As my flux capacitor is all juiced out presently, that left considering Dark Angels. I really hate painting dark green, and want a lot of termies in my SoH, so that leaves Ravenwing, who I think I can do fairly cheaply and paint reasonably quickly.

The good news is, a shit tonne of you either bought Dark Vengeance, or know someone who did! Plenty of you are I'm sure, desperate to depart from your Ravenwing Bikers. If you're interested in selling them, please either contact me here or if you prefer you could privately send me an email at .

Alternatively, if you also happen to know of a decent bits supply out there that has some at a reasonable rate, I can always go check them out too if you link me :)

- Charlie


  1. Charlie, what are your thoughts on the fliers?

    1. I've only given the fliers a cursory glance, but my initial thoughts were "great models, shame no one should ever use them ever for being so POS".
      Compare a vendetta to the nephlim:
      Neph: 180 points, 1 TL lascannon, and what, av 11 or something?
      Vendetta: 130, 3 TL lascannon, av12, transport.


    2. Almost every flier is worse than the the Vendetta, as it's embarrassingly under-costed. I haven't seen the rules for the Neph but it seems more or less in line with every other flyer that's not a Valk/Vendetta.

    3. Yeah I think Wes has a point there, 130 seems very cheap; it's the same cost as a Stormtalon, before weapon upgrades.

      The 180pts for the Neph get you twinlinked heavy bolter, twinliked Lascannon and 6 S6 missiles. Strafing run and Unrelenting hunter (which lets you change Weapon Destroyed results you cause to Immobilised)
      You can also replace the lascannon for a 5 shot S6 heavy bolter.

      I didn't think it looks too bad

  2. I think Rachel still has a huge bag of DA bits from the last set of sprues. from memory there was a heap of Ravenwing stuff. not sure how it compares to the new stuff though.

  3. Charlie, check your email! I has Dark Vengeance Skirt Wearers for you.

  4. Replied! Thanks buddy :)
    Pete will be so happy.