Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Second SoH test figure...

Alright, so I whacked together a second test figure with the next shade up. Again this is just a test mini I'll be biffing in the bin, and I absolutely hate the head, but am quite happy with the shade of sea-green that it came out as?

What are peoples thoughts?


  1. Colour is better I think, however probably too much rust IMO.

  2. Agreed on the rust. Towards the end I tried another method with the powders that I will use going forward, but didn't bother to fix as its just a test figure. It comes out much more sparingly.

  3. You around on weekend for airbrush and weathering lesson?

  4. I really like the colour. The only thing I think would help Tunis to mix a little yellow into your top highlight - one from the top. Think it would make them "glow".

    On your bases. I like the scibor ones you've picked but like you think they may be two much for 25mm. To that end I have ordered an army amount - 30 infantry, 5 termites and 2 Dread - of Dark Arts "Infected". I used them on my last Death Guard and I think that they are in keeping with DG Legion theatre of operations. I may water effects them as per Plague Planet where Horus got stabbed by GUO.

  5. At this stage I think I'm going to have 0-6 25mm bases so I might be okay.

    1. No Charlie........EVERYONE has at least ten Legion Tactical Marines!!!

  6. Well I think both the colour and level of rust are spot on. Get the whole army to that standard and it will look shit hot.

  7. well it wouldn't be the 30k era without a rebellion aginst the father figure orgnising the universe. Not surpised it's Charlie either he can't help himself.

    I like the colour but the rust looks more like clods of earth than rust.