Monday, January 21, 2013

US Postal Charges

Just received an interesting email from Hoard O'Bits, the eBay provider of GW components. In it they talk about new US postal charges:

"We just reviewed new postal changes going into effect next week. Amoung other things international shipping is going up double and tripple. Currently our smallest cheapest international package costs us to ship $2.76. The same package next week will cost us $8.28 to ship.

Smaller price increase to domestic mail, but other changes are expected that we still do not have all the details on.

In short, we will loose money on all our items the way we currently sell them. Massive changes need to be made. Neither our site nor eBay have a simple way to make these changes.

As of January 23rd we will pull down all inventory from our website and eBay. We will immediately begin a full inventory count and adding items back to both platforms with the rediculous new shipping profiles."

Checking on the US Post website it appears that new charges come into effect on January 27. Therefore if you are looking at ordering anything from the States.....Now's Good!


  1. Disappointed! Hoard O Bits is always really good value and such good service!

  2. NZ Post have a US parcel service that is now looking very reasonable.

    International postage is calculated as NZD$12.50 per parcel, plus NZD$4.75 per 500g, with a minimum chargeable weight of 500g and 500g increments thereafter.
    Its free to sign up and it uses a US warehouse address so you only pay US domestic rates to the warehouse and then the NZ post.