Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Empire Greatswords

On the weekend I picked up 12 Empire Greatswords from Glen Burfield to add to an existing unit of 20 I already have.

Now I don't see Greatswords on the table much. I'm not sure whether it is as a result of the cost of the models - the new plastics were quickly dubbed "Goldswords" or because they are inherently rubbish.

They are WS 4, Str 3, T 3, AS 4+, Stubborn and can take a Standard up to 50 points. This statline costs you 11 points per model.

So on the face of it they look expensive. I can see Light Magic giving them some buffs and also Life.

Is there any mileage in running them? What size units? % wide or Horde. What banners help and which magic lore best supports them.


  1. Seems like the only way to make them work would be to design a list around them. A big block, lots of other infantry (halberds), other buffs and shooting to make the enemy come to you. With low toughness, a meager save and striking last I just can't see a way to make a small unit viable. 35+

  2. Do well at an event with them so I can read about how broken they are and just need to be pointed and clicked to win the game for you, require no skill etc etc

  3. I think you probably want to field them at a reasonable size, most likely 40 models. It makes the unit expensive, but they do fight pretty well in horde formation (you obviously want to give them hatred from a priest or war altar), and could bunker down instead if you wanted.

    I've not really used them yet in the current book, but I think the key to getting mileage from them is the detachment rules. Any detachment they field will be stubborn. Moderate sized ones of something like Swordsmen could do a good job of holding things up whilst the parent unit does the killing.

  4. The kicker is the cost.

    40 with full command = 470pts. (For starters this breaches local Welly comp and I dont see the local crowd being all too excited by adding in the "Empire exception" so you can take them :P)

    Now to take advantage of their rules you want a stubborn detachment of troops-so 20 halberds = 120pts
    And other for a proper stubborn line = 240pts

    Total: 710pts of special choice. Yes it is a rather formidable line, but you still have to plonk in 600pts core, and the very much needed character support (and artillery to be a "Real" Empire army)

    Then you have to deal with the mobility aspect, and the fact that your detachments have to be within 3 inches to benefit from the rules.

    AND THEN you have to walk through the minefield of what exactly is passed from Parent to Detachment and when (a little be easier with greatswords due to stubborn)

    OR you just take 2x4 Demigryphs and smash face.

    Joel v

  5. Hey Pete, Henry P is using them up here and will be rocking them at Arch Enemy this weekend. They are a solid option in his list, L4 light, Arch Lector on Altar, double cannon, tank, 40 halberdiers, 4 demi grpyhs and some chaff off the top of my head. Think he runs about 35 ish just under the 450 unit size cap in horde. Buffed with light and with hatred they are pretty solid.

    Cheers Jb

  6. great swords are great. their name says so. and I only run 1 cannon. dont need two unless you cant play warhammer.

    heavens is a better lore for greatswords than light.

    NEVER use knights. they are useless. I vow that I will never use them again

  7. Light is the best option for them for obvious reasons.

    Outside of that, you could try metal (glittering scales bumping them up to a 2+, enchanted blades helping out to hit and giving ap), or life (a bit obvious and boring, flesh to stone/regen).

    I feel like Joel kinda has it right though. They need so much support (magic buffs/warrior priest/detachments) that they're too inefficient compared to demigryphs.