Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Progress on Heresy Death Guard

Hopefully all of you that are participating in "The Tale of X Gamers - Heresy Edition" are making progress towards your first deadline - January 31.

I am in the middle of basecoating my Legion Tactical Squad and on Saturday had a couple of hours with Charlie looking at different weathering techniques. This was followed up on Sunday by watching the video tutorial by Miniature Mentor "Rust and Weathering Series - The DreadNought with Mathieu Fontainewhich gave some excellent tips that I'll be using on my Death Guard.

Once I have the base coats done I'll get some photos up.


  1. Grab yourself some Modelmates Rust effect liquid. When combined with some rust weathering powders it is amazing!

  2. Wait, where meant to paint these things???

  3. Sadly painting a wall of white is crushing my spirits but getting there! My Scars will getting a flight to Aus in efforts to finish them

  4. James opted for the hard way to do white. I think I'd just go with a quick 3 stage airbrush and a Les Bursley style black oil paint wash so that the white would take about an hour for a unit :p!

    I need my models to arrive from FW :/!