Monday, January 28, 2013

New Hobby Shop in Wellington

Saturday Ryan Lister and Wil Hoverd came around for some games. Wil mentioned a new hobby shop in Kilbirnie, Wellington.

On their way home they called in and here are Ryan's thoughts on the place:

So Wil and myself went to Kilbirnie to check out the new hobby store, and really liked it. It's on 34 Rongotai Road.

It's called The Hobby Stop and carries the range of citadel hobby like paints, glues, tool etc. Small amount of Fantasy and 40k actual models (but can order it specifics). Same prices as GW though he gave us a little discount on paints as we bought about 12 between us. 

They also carry battlefield in a box terrain, flames of war, train/military models, other hobby tools and paints.

It's run by a nice guy called Rick who we had a good chat to about many things. He mentioned he is looking to set up a gaming room out back, and has only been open since end of December.

Definitely worth a visit.


  1. It's been a tough few years for NZ retailers, nice to see a new one opening!

  2. Yay for independent hobby retailers!

  3. Hi folks just putting in a good word for this shop. The game room is up and running and I hope the shop gets a lot of support.

  4. Do they sell magic?

  5. We intend to do so before the Dragon's Maze release, and are pleased to introduce Wednesday Night Magic evenings - an informal Gathering [sic] for adult Magic players, especially beginners, from 7-9pm on Wednesdays.

    Things are changing all the time, so please be sure to phone in and check it is running as planned, but last week was a great success!

    04-891 0771

    The Latch