Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Heresy Tales - The Legion Tactical Marines

With 31 January rapidly approaching I am starting to receive pictures of the completed squads. I will post them in this thread as they arrive.

1. Alistair Allan - Emperor's Children Loyalists

2. Cody Parlarto - Ultramarines (Painted by Glen Burfield)

3. Christian Pride (Shadowmancer) - Night Lords

4. John Murrie - Word Bearers

5. Charlie St. Clair - Sons of Horus

6. Dave Grieg - World Eaters

7. Pete Dunn - Death Guard

8. Glen Burfield - Raven Guard

Current Roll of Shame

  1. Hagen Kerr - Space Wolves
  2. Jack Dunn - World Eaters
  3. Tim Joss - Imperial Fists
  4. Glen Burfield - Raven Guard
  5. James Milner - White Scars
  6. Sam Whitt - Salamanders
  7. Minitrol - Night Lords
  8. Leon Colman - Iron Warriors


  1. If I'd realized it was the 31st, I'd have held off a bit. Will send a higher resolution pic through for your post

  2. Looking good. My traitor world eaters look forward to slaughtering your loyalist dogs.

    1. Note to self - Bring loyalist dogs to distract rabid world eaters. Use precision bolter fire to eliminate world eaters chasing loyalist dogs. Follow up on theory world eater nerve stapling has canine instinct side effects

  3. So where I am I emailing the photos?

  4. Everyones squads are looking good so far

  5. Those Ultramarines are fantastic - wish Id sourced some Word Bearer transfers before I started

    1. Im waiting on Forge World to come out with the Night Lords ones before attempting to do any work on those shoulder pads.

      Also what is the next sort of target to try and hit? Because I am thinking of about 5 units that I should get done in fairly quick order.

    2. Elite, Fast Attack or Heavy Support by Easter