Thursday, January 17, 2013

New 40k FAQ's are up

Almost all races get something. Most of the errors in the new DA codex are already amended too, though a fair few actual questions are still to be answered in the coming months.



  1. Its slightly sad that a book that hasn't even been out for a month and was written for this edition needs a full page of Errata. Glad its been sorted so quickly, but I thought we had got past the worst of GW proof reading fails.

    They have cleared up a couple of controversial ones, like the Necron Night Scythe exploding/reserves one, but they have also snuck in a few major rules changes pretending to be clarifications.

    The only change in the Eldar FAQ is a completely nonsensical one which appears to be saying that Eldar cannot use psychic powers from the Eldar book inside of a vehicle AT ALL, with absolutely no rules justification to back it up. Mech Eldar was more or less dead in the water in 6th anyway, but if they don't edit that ruling then its a pretty major nerf out of nowhere.

  2. I love the way they announce these publicly.

    And yeah I thought that was a strange rule? Is there no clarification on powers and vehicles in the rule book itself?

  3. Why would there need to be? The codex simply states that unless otherwise stated their powers don't need LOS. As there is absolutely nothing anywhere that prevents any psyker from any book attempting to cast a power from inside a transport this change really came out of nowhere.

  4. I love how they made a laser guided missile the most inaccurate weapon in the 40k universe. Tau seeker missiles requiring a 6 to hit with a markerlight and another 6 to hit with the actual missile. Bring on the new dex.

    Like the new DA dex though, my bike army got a new lease on life. Just have to convert a ugly darkshroud, lost it's always on cheeky stealth + shrouded 2+ cover save though but expected that was the intention.