Friday, January 11, 2013

Warhammer Fantasy Terrain Cards

Tane - one of our local Dwarfs - has had a bit of time on his hands over the Xmas Break. I'd expected it is related to all those parts of the rules he doesn't need to consider - magic, combat and movement.

Anyway he has created a set of Terrain Cards which you can download here.

Here's Tane's thoughts. Being a Dwarf he has created some of his own "hobby-enhancing" cards that are optional if you'd like to include them:

Here are the word docs containing the terrain cards and the spell cards should anyone want to use them. I've checked and rechecked the wording on both against the rulebook, but there are likely to be errors, so players should always refer to the main book if in doubt.  I'm happy for them to be used by anyone anywhere; it would please me to learn that they were used at the Latvian Masters.

The terrain cards are all as per the book, with the following additions;

1.  'Normal' Hill/Swamp/Building/River (all categories):  I thought that a non-special terrain type would increase the randomness and I figured that not every river, building and hill is magical, even in the Warhammer world.

2.  'Dense Thicket' (Forest):  You've heard my gripes about LOS in forests.  This is a little like a 7th Ed forest, in that it blocks LOS unless a unit is 2" from the edge, in which case it can see out and be seen, and counts as in hard cover.  Units inside have LOS to each other.  No-one can march in it, except for units from the Wood Elf Army Book, or those with the Forest Strider special rule (like White Lions).

3.  'High Ground' (Hill):  This one blocks LOS through it, unless a unit is standing on it; in that case it can see or be seen over the crest.  But it might help the odd dragon rider out there.

4.  'Defendable Height' (Hill):  This is a throwback to 7th Ed, with the +1 CR if a unit is higher up the hill.  It might cause some debate, but I think holding the high ground should be worth something, and this didn't seem a problem in my 7th Ed games.

These additional cards are of course all optional, and may be discarded at a player's discretion. 

I'd suggest revealing all non-forest cards at the start of the game, before deployment, as a number have area effects that may influence gameplay even when not occupied.

The best way to use them is to print them out on paper or thin card and then laminate them.


  1. Nice stuff. Some good useful ideas too.

    I do think though, that the best way to help out Dragons/other monsters would be for Cannon users (and the Dragon users) to actually makes sure they can see the point on the ground 10" from the back of the dragon. I'm sure that about 50% of the time they take illegal shots cause noone bothers to enforce that rule....

    1. Also, lurk next to combats or enemy units. Cannons can't shoot through combats or friendly units, nor set up a shot where this is even a possibility. So if you're 1" away from a combat or enemy unit, then the best the cannon can do is go 2" from the back, which is definitely a sub-optimal shot.

      Take the Charmed Shield like everyone else for that turn where you're in the open, then you can smash face like it was 7th Edition again (well, maybe not that awesome broken, but you'll still have fun in combat with your giant lizard)

  2. Should probably put some trivia or something on there too so that there's actually some sort of value for the opponent when they have to play against dwarfs.

    1. Oi, don't you jump on the bandwagon too. You don't even play Fantasy, don't you play that other game, what's it called, 20k or something?

    2. Dwarfs are so painfully dull it transcends game systems.
      Also, I'm still a fantasy player that chooses to play 40k instead due to the preferable community.

    3. Troll. However that says more about you :-)

      Fantasy (and esp Wellington) community is great! Not sure what your beef is :-(

  3. Awesome effort Tane, thanks for the hard work.


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    1. Was earlier. Expect it is Dropbox problem. If not working by tomorrow I'll re-link