Monday, January 21, 2013

Vampire Counts Get A Run

On the weekend I had a game against Mike King and to have a bit of a change I got the Vampire Counts out for a bit of a run.

The last time I used them was at Guardcon in 2009 (the one in Takapuna) where they received the lowest comp score out of the 50+ attending (recurring theme for my armies :-)    ).

The list I used on the weekend was:

Mounted Vampire Lord - Level 3 (Lore of Vampires)

Mounted Vampire - Level 1 (Lore of Vampires)
Necromancer - Level 1 (Lore of Vampires)
Mounted Wight King - BSB

35 Ghouls - Ghast
39 Zombies - Muso
3 x 5 Dire Wolves

10 Black Knights - Full Command
2x 3 Varghiests
2 Fell Bats


Really enjoyed using the list and I can see me giving it a lot more games in the coming months. Not least for the reason that the army includes my favourite ever GW model - the Mordheim Witch.

The list seems to cover most bases except it is lacking in ranged attacks. This is compensated to an extent by the fact that it has four 20" flying threats (2 independent of Vampires), and 3 18" dog units.

Personally I enjoyed the Varghiest units and think that they are underrated by a lot of VC generals. I'm looking forward to using them more as I develop the army.


  1. Lack of ranged attacked in a Vampires Counts army, who would of thought? :P

    I've always struggle to use Vargheists, could be more the general's fault than the units themselves though. Care to drop a few tips to a young vampire?

    Glad you enjoyed them more the more undead the merrier in my opinion.

  2. I think Vargheists look really useful too. They provide a load of fast moving good Strength attacks for relatively cheap, and with 9W between 3 models, they are reasonablly difficult to get rid of.

    Can't speak for Pete and he may well beg to differ, but I'd think they were great running down flanks chasing smaller support units and chaff, or Mage bunkers etc, then hitting (un)engaged units in the flanks/rear where possible.

  3. the whole army revolves around the knight bus and vampires. So anything that helps get at things that the knight bus wouldn't like such as chaff or warmachines are well dealt with by vargeists. they are also vampires so can operate awaay from the general and still be effective.