Saturday, January 19, 2013

Warriors of Chaos - No Free Lunch

The release of a new book brings all types of optimism for players of that army [except for Dwarfs who never get a new book and would just grumble anyway]. However a lot of people seem to expect that they will only receive things, not that some things will be taken away.

If I was a WoC player - and I am because I do have a lovely WoC army - then there should be some expectation that you will lose some of the items that you have had in the current book. Why? Well because the Games Workshop way has been to limit Race-Specific Magic Items. Typically these have been between 8-10 items - Weapons, Armour, Arcane, Enchanted, Talisman and Banner - per book. So expect to see some of those cherished items disappear.

Which ones would I be most worried about?

  • Infernal Puppet
  • Book of Secrets
  • Banner of Rage
  • Access to Daemonic Gifts - 3rd Eye of Tzeentch, Bloodcurdling Roar, Stream of Corruption
The other area I expect some change is in regard to the Eye of the Gods table. It is not going to go - given the new Warshrine model - but expect functionality changes. Games Workshop can't be unaware of the ten minute start of game phase where WoC players roll on the table for EotGs. Eventually after 35 re-rolls the WoC player's opponent gets bored and says "Just take 3+ Ward and Stubborn on your Tzeentch Chosen". If that stays, well you can call my nephew Chimpface.

Which brings us to Magic Lores. I hope GW gives the WoC their own Magic Lores - as per current state. However, I have a feeling that with the imminent release of the Daemon book there will be single Nurgle, Slaanesh and Tzeentch lores that cover both armies. I hope not. It would be good if they were independent but I expect assimilation. Worse though would be restriction to Battle Magic Lores. Let's hope that doesn't happen.

So WoCers expect to lose some cherished treasures....(I am expecting a more mature reaction from you than Dwarf players when they get their eventual new book in 2014. They will want to keep all they have and get more. It ain't gonna happen Stunties. Try living in the real world).


  1. well i can see at the bottom of the white dwarf new release page their is a little box with the warriors of chaos cover art on it, so i would say they are getting some lores

    1. I guess my reaction to the changes will depend on how many of my favourite toys they take away without reasonable replacements!
      If its a balanced approach and they fix areas like major points adjustments across our characters and units, while fixing some of the more abusive spells or items (which in my opinion help balance our high points cost) I wont complain! But if they remove puppet, third eye, gateway etc and give us nothing but new models and bad alternatives then my displeasure maybe noted! lol ;)

      or I'll really have to turn to the darkside and play deamons, skaven or orges! I really do prefer my WoC so lets hope not!

    2. Expect a points increase for Marauders

      @Nic - Good pickup....looks like there are WoC lores of some sort

  2. I wouldn't mind them removing some of the magic items, I just hope they don't remove certain units, such as Chaos Ogres or Great Weapon Marauders...

  3. i cont mind if they increase marauders, i personally dont have time for them... they are cheap and offer an interesting alternative but their horde size is so ungamely to wheel and move their easily blocked..... plus they have no protection.. I still own 90-100 just incase but ive only used them 2-3 times and each time I wished Id just had khonre or tzeentch warriors...

  4. @Hamish, Displeasure will be noted.

  5. I am going to make my pure slaanesh force again, so no skull crushers for me. I am curious as to what the marks and lore of slaanesh will bring. I will have a good read of the book before I make any decisions. I am looking forward to the 8th ed book, as all the other ones have been really good.

  6. TBH I would love the Mark of Nurgle to be useful.

    I heart Nurgle

  7. Sam mate, you might get to have Skullfondlers, Chaos Warriors of Slaanesh on Boobworms! Who knows, hope the puppet stays as a regulator to magic magnates.