Sunday, January 27, 2013

When Buses Collide....

...the one with the Baby Vamp with Quickblood wins over that with Red Fury.

Yesterday Ryan and I had a bus crash in a game of Blood & Glory. With all my Fortitude in my bus and the critical part of Ryan's, it was a 6th Turn Winner Take All.

The Khandallah Bus (#43) won out due to the fitout out and modifications on the Baby Vamp. Red Fury isn't much good when you're dead :-)

In my later game - vs. Mike's Light Lizards - the Khandallah bus came unstuck. My Level 3 found himself a Level 0 on Turn 2 after having a miscast reflected from the Slaan. We were playing Watchtower and got through to Turn 6 when the game finished (Random Game Length). Mike was vigorously throwing Saurus Warriors under the bus - well the Vamp Lord had alighted and was assailing the tower on foot - hoping the Slaan wasn't going to have to step into the fight. He didn't and Lord von Fawkteethry skulked away to his Terminus.

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  1. He was a very scarlet and furious, dead, baby vampire. He has been back to vampire bloodline school and quickened his blood.