Monday, December 31, 2012

Sons of Horus test figure

While I wait for my forgeworld to arrive, I figured I would throw together some of the ideas floating around in my head on a test model to see if it came together.

This is just a test figure that ultimately will either be binned or thrown in the bin, but I slapped some paint on it last night and this morning, and am happy enough with the result that I can progress from here.

A bit of a hunt around, and it seems that only the Justaerin termies wore all black. There were regular termies rocking out the Aqua like a tween in the early nighties, so I'm keen to get cracking on with a bunch of them. I'd never really consider running a termie heavy army in regular 40k, so 30k is a great opportunity for it, and it should hopefully look great!

For basing, I think I'll use Scibors fairly epic looking range as an all termie armie could pull it off well. Hell on trying to hide out of LOS though ;)

Really keen on your thoughts and feedback! Once again, I know that's not a pre heresy termie, it's just a test figure.


  1. That's not a Heresy era Termite......looks good Charlie. And it's got to be more interesting than painting white

  2. Im thinking that potentially darker or paler is the way to go with the Sons of Horus, but the colour does look good.

    And Crap my Basing plans need to be stepped up as well. Should probably order some hollow bases and start work on them as well.

    Any tips for working with resin in terms of Gluing it to itself rather than to me?

  3. Gluing resin is no different to any other substance. 9/10 times if you're having a problem its because you're using too much. The other 1/10 times is that you're using nasty glue :P!

    I definitely wouldn't want to go darker, I could potentially go lighter but if I want to use a normal tone without custom mixing for the base, it's a large jump upwards to go to sybarite. worth trying though I guess.

    Other peoples thoughts?

  4. quickly whipped up a lighter shade.

  5. Actually you may find that in the betrayal book that even though its not referenced standard terminator armor is indomitus class with cataphractii as an upgrade option- There are legions known for wide use of the cataphractii such as the Iron Hands and Sons of Horus but you can reasonably assert that the above is just as plausible- more so given the immense supply advantage the traitors get during the heresy from traitor forge-worlds. Most of the armor variants expect for Mk 7 i think and onwards for PA was available during the heresy.

  6. I like the lighter shade Charlie.....almost as much as I like Luiz Suarez

  7. Those scibor bases are pretty schnitzel too!

  8. comparing the shade in the book to the shade in your photo yours looks too blue. The pictures in betrayal look almost like the sones took their lunar wolf armour and washed it in jade green.

    what story are you wanting the scibor bases to tell? is the unit standing on the remnants of religious icons cast down in the name of rational belief?

    The bases don't look repleate with 30k universe imagery so I'm not sure what you are after.

  9. For the bases I was just looking towards generic worlds of false gods being cast down during the whole unification etc that went on all over the show, rather than aiming for it to represent any of the actual battles from the heresy campaign. As the army will almost entirely be on 40mm bases its a great opportunity to go a little wild with them for sheer scale and impressiveness through scale.

    Because the betrayal book is so at odds with all the HH material on the sons that has come out leading up until this point (which again was all over the show) its created a pretty interesting debate. Based on the above figure, feedback I've received from different sources so far are: too dark, not dark enough, too green, too blue, not green enough, not blue enough, not grey enough, and just right.

    It makes for a very interesting discussion, even if it can be confusing to be in the middle of :)

  10. Have you checked out the various wallpapers on the Black Library site?

  11. Yeah, little to nothing of value.
    Am working on the other test figure and liking how its looking so far.

  12. Thought there was one I used for banner of The Mournival that was SoH Legion