Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Peter Williamson Phenomena

Prior to last weekend the only thing that Masterton was famous for was eels in the main street and a poor adventure tourism health and safety record.

Now there is something else - The Peter Williamson Experience

Peter drove his High Elves to 2nd Place at the New Zealand Masters shocking all and sundry on the way (some will say they saw it coming but if they are honest it was just bluster).

Here's what New Zealand's most astute Warhammer commentator had to say before the event:

I’ve looked at the list and I’ve got to admit….I just don’t see it. Now Peter is a smart gamer so I am worried I am missing something.

For me there is not enough of anything to dominate a phase of the game. The Spearmen aren’t strong enough, resilient enough (even with the Shield of Saphery) to withstand prolonged punishment. The White Lions are too small, the chaff too expensive, Lore choice is diffident etc.

As I said, I don’t see it. Based on the list, Peter is in for a hard weekend. But there is something nagging me….what have I missed?

Peter shocked the doubters going:

3-17 (vs. Daemons) - netting me a free pint from a pointy eared apologist

20-0 (vs. Warriors)

4-16 (vs. Tomb Kings)

20-0 (vs. Empire)

20-0 (vs. Locky's Skaven)

19-1 (vs. Vampire Counts)

Now there are some staggering results in there and I certainly didn't see the wins vs. Empire, Skaven or VCs coming.

From a personal point of view I would have loved to play the list to see how it works. I'm not going to lie I would have been whetting my lips at the matchup.

However this is not a one-off. Peter has previous taking what are perceived as weaker lists and achieving more than expected. he has done it in this edition with both Wood Elves and Tomb Kings.

Hopefully I can get him to post battle reports telling us his thoughts.


  1. Yeah well done to Peter. I am like you Pete in wondering how my list would have fared against the elves.

  2. I'd have fucked him up, high elves are no match for necrons.

    1. Exactly Charlie...you'd have dazzled him with Binary


      I win!

    2. You fool, that's not evenly divisable by 8...

  3. You'll find my batreps and tournament musings on http://elvenglades.blogspot.co.nz/ over hopefully the next few days

    1. Look at Mr. High and Mighty Elf.....Fields of Blood not good enough for you now we've made you an internet celebrity!

      Off to some niche High Elf apologist blog where your mutterings won't come under scrutiny and be tested for credibility!

    2. You never asked for battle Reports :), Phil pestered me on Sunday night. Since he was doing an awesome job of blogging(with James help) keeping others up to date on the days I thought it would be nice to share the love.

      Feel free to do another Shane Warne Post, if you want to :)

    3. Read the last line in the post your are commenting on

      "Hopefully I can get him to post battle reports telling us his thoughts."

      Yeah, I know....it was a bit cryptic!

    4. I can give you my thoughts on why i took what I did if you like???
      Let me know

      Battle Reports just pick out highlights of games and without any pictures rarely tell you more than, I smashed them because of this key moment, or lost due to this... They make for fun reading though

    5. Hey Pete, The dim view of a rat general would never get around the subtleties of a truly mid table army such as High Elves :)Jokes aside I'm happy for Peter to share to the internets that it wasn't all just a conspiracy. Hell the three 20-nils he got with the army should score me at least three pints from one of a few punter. He's still saying 'that army', diced it & jammy. It makes me feel very honoured that my humble one man blog has caused a little if any hiccup in transmission in your juggernaut. I quite frequent your tabloid as it's entertaining and truly a NZ gaming Icon. Peters success with High Elves will no doubt inspire you to continue with the Elves you've been collecting recently. You'll find regardless of recent results High Elves don't come with the bell & whistle furnace of the ratty armoury.

      Peter, Elves on a Elven blog mate but if you decide that putting good High Elven tactics on a Skaven blog is a good looking oxymoron I wouldn't balme ya mate ;)I'm on tip toes waiting for the second instalment of you batreps.


    6. Excuse the quickly typed reply and accompanying bad grammar.

    7. Phil - Sorry, I drifted off reading your reply until you got to the exciting bit about the FoB juggernaut.

      Hey, there is enough of Peter to share out and about. He'll have to get used to all the attention now he is the "Susan Boyle" of Warhammer.

    8. High Elf bill board (Susan Boyle) on skaven blog, luff it :)

  4. You do ramble Phil! I'll buy you that beer, still say the list is weak and would have smashed it 20-0 with the skaven but I'm on a beach in Thailand so all theory hammer from here!

    1. You'll front up with beers cos you got it wrong James ;) Have a good holiday mate, catch you when you get back.