Saturday, December 29, 2012

Step by step Necron painting guide.

Hi all!

A few requests in various places have come through as to how to do different parts of my Necron army. As such, when the time came to paint another figure up for it, I took the opportunity to take some photos along the way and throw them up.

I decided to convert up a Destroyer Lord to go with the wraiths. Unfortunately the normal GW model just looks far too dated, so I threw together a quick conversion from one of the tomb spyders, and poached the idea for the conversion almost verbatim from Fatdamien over at WargamerAU. The result fits in far nicer with the new wraiths.

Click below for more of this clickity bad boy!

Step 1: Convert up as desired, remove any mold lines, and green stuff any gaps.

Step 2: Undercoat with Chaos Black.
Step 3: Heavy airbrush all over with Tinbitz or an equivalent.

Step 4: Give it a moderate airbrush from side on to vertical with boltgun metal or an equivalent.

Step 5: Give it a final airbrush of Mithril Silver (or an equivalent) from a vertical angle.
Step 6: Paint everything that is going to be white with Khemri Brown or an equivalent.
Step 7: Paint over that entirely with Dheneb Stone or an equivalent.
Step 8: Mix Dheneb Stone and White together, overpaint the entire previous step. Yes, that is bad editing on the abdomen, it was 3am when i was doing this :P!
Step 9: Edge hilight with pure white.
Step 10: Mix together Chaos Black and Scorched Brown (or their equivalents) and sponge this on liberally.
Step 11: With the white finished, we move onto the green. Paint everything that will be green Dark Angels/Caliban Green.
Step 13: (There's no step 12, I got my numbering wrong, just go with it!) - Overpaint that with Snot Green or its equivalent, leave the deep gaps with the darker colour.
Step 14: Paint Scorpion Green/Moot Green on most of this area, leaving beginning to leave  inside edges as we begin to work towards hilighting.
Step 15: Mix white with the scorpion/moot and do a thick line highlight on edges.
Step 16: Add a lot more white to the above mix, and edge hilight on the extreme edges.
Step 17: Finally do an airbrush around each green area of moot green/scorpion green to bring out a bit of a source lighting effect, and finish off the gems with a dot of white.
Throw it on a base and you have the finished product!
Side on.
No lord deserves to be alone, so I made him a buddy!
Side on again!
<3 Best Friends Forever, awwwww.


  1. So insta-killing Wraiths just got a lot (harder) more satisfying... Dirty, dirty Necrons whatever shall we do with you :/ On the other hand they do look pretty damn cool :)

  2. Really nice tut and very nice brush work.Do you happen to have a link to the conversion?

  3. nice article charlie. Where do you get your airbrush supplies from?

    I'm getting inspired by all the good articles on airbrushing to dig out my old badger and get back into the airbrush game.

    the techniques look ideal to paint marines and eldar and vehicles.

  4. Generally eBay or amazon for the brush, trademe to source a compressor locally, bunnings for any fitting requirements/Teflon tape etc, any chemist for isopropyl alcohol, some simple green from a supermarket etc.

    There are a few things like cleaning brushes etc that I need to get pretty soon so Ill probably go back to eBay for that.

  5. Hi there are you based in New Zealand? Do you do commission work?