Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dark Angels Release - Serious Boredom Alert

Dark Angels? Really?

Do they really need any more love wasted on them? We get it! There are Robed Marines, Robed Bike Marines and Bone Terminators. They like plasma. It’s been exactly the same story for 3 editions.

Really? Wouldn’t it have been easier just to subsume them and release Codex: Space Marines with Special Characters to unlock Deathwing and Ravenwing? Really.

They hold about as much appeal to the universe as another Army Book: Dwarfs.

Wouldn’t it interesting to see the Venn diagram of Dark Angels players vs. Dwarfs and/or High Elf players? I’ve reconstructed it for you:

Venn Diagram - High Elf and/or Dwarf vs. Dark Angels

Before I wrote this, I seriously thought that there couldn't be a more boring release for 40k than Dark Angels. And I still can't!


  1. :( So you are saying I am boring, as I own a Dark Angels (OK Deathwing) army, a dwarf army and a high elf army.

    I can't say I am looking forward to the Dark Angel release, even though I do own a Deathwing army (rather than a dark angels army).

    But I would love a new dwarf book :)

  2. Hugh,

    You have empirically proved my Venn diagram assumption so unless any Black Swans appear I believe we can close the hypothesis.


  3. Pete sharing the love =P

    In the real world normal gamers find things Skaven boring. Yeah we get it, skavens toys are better than ours. Or there is the tactical genius that is Ogres.

    Rant about how crap the Chaos Space marine codex is coming in 3, 2, 1...

  4. Jossy? Jossy? Is that you? I thought I'd sent you back to your tomb!

  5. I'm a DA player, and while I'm eagerly waiting the new codex, I completely agree that all of the chapters should be rolled up into one huge codex. Preferably one that gets updated more frequently than every 5 years...

  6. As the owner of High Elf and Dwarf armies, I confess that I have always found Dark Angels very boring. Suddenly I am inexplicably intrigued by them...

  7. reminds me of the hudsucker proxy seeing the venn diagram.

    "you know, for kids"

  8. My Dwarves are crying into their beer. My High Elves are composing poetry of surpassing despair and sadness as the autumn leaves tumble in the glades of Ulthuan.

    Pete has once more waxed wrothful on their army books, and cursed them for perpetuating tedium and ennui. The Dwarves and Elves cry out "If only we had the Dreaded 13th, Gutter Runners, Mournfangs and Ironblasters, he might find us interesting and worthy of attention. Or mayhap some Sabretusks, 2pt Slaves, Abominations, Slaughtermasters, Doomrockets and Screaming Bells with which we might make things more interesting for our opponents."

    But it is not to be. Their books are old and shall remain beneath Pete's contempt into the forseeable future.

    And who the hell are these 'Dark Angels' anyway? I can't see their Army Book anywhere.

  9. Since when have High Elves been dull!? I remember at the Masters everyone wanted to play me

  10. Yep, cos all the other chapters are soooo much more excitinzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Wait, is that _the_ Old Fogey of TWF glass cabinet notoriety?

  11. Dark Angels are to fluff, as risk management is to game mechanics

  12. Ignorance is your blessing.