Monday, December 10, 2012

Spring Cleaning

With the Masters out of the way, this weekend was a chance to do the annual clean up of the garage and wargaming room. Over the course of the winter the garage became a dumping ground for all my hobby stuff and basically was a pigsty. So on Saturday, took the opportunity to sort out my terrain and ditch the stuff that was past its use-by date and pack the rest up into appropriate storage containers.

This ended up with a trip to the landfill to through out damaged boxes, crates and terrain. Then yesterday started on the room itself. Two more giant rubbish bags as I got medieval on the room. It's always depressing to see how much unpainted or unassembled stuff you have - and it hasn't got any less this year.

However it is an opportunity to through out stuff you'll never use or at beast put material into the "To Sell" pile. This year it is old figure cases - if you are local and need GW or Sabol cases let me know. Over the course of the next week I'll be doing even more cleaning out of stuff I'll never use and look to distribute a list locally to see if there is any items people are interested in.

All that said, I've decided that 2013 is "The Return of The Case of Shame"